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Partner with Quickmail when sending marketing material for quality design and quick turnaround! Read how SECFI were able to utilise Quickmail’s services using Direct Mail. (more…)

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Its not just a question of buying a list and sending them a letter and a brochure hoping this will achieve the desired outcome. (more…)

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Australia Post taking complaints seriously.


Everything you need to know about Envelopes

Quick envelope guide

Are you putting something in the post? Consult our Quick Guide for envelope dimensions, window requirements, mailing categories and more.


Bulk mail changes come into affect 2nd June. Is your business ready?

Australia Post’s bulk mail and business letter services will undergo significant changes from June 2nd. This includes a new two-speed delivery timetable, affecting various letter services. Rates will also be updated, and new postage paid imprints will indicate the chosen timetable. This implementation period extends until January 1st, 2015. For franking machine users, adjustments should be automatic, but contact your supplier if needed.

Direct Mail Marketing – Under used, but not forgotten

Direct mail marketing is not dead, despite the prevalence of digital marketing. Physical mail can be more effective and personal, with higher engagement rates. Modern technology, like Quickmail Link, can make direct mail cost-effective. You can measure your mail campaign’s success through tagged URLs and unique offer codes. Physical mail is a tangible and trustworthy marketing tool.

Australia Post now delivering 6 days a week

Australia Post plans to expand its delivery schedule to 6 days a week, including Saturdays, and enhance online delivery services to adapt to changing consumer demands. Managing Director and CEO Ahmed Fahour expressed the need for reforms to address declining letter volumes to sustain the service. Fortunately, the possibility of privatisation was eliminated this week as part of cost-cutting measures. Additionally, the two-speed delivery timetable introduced for business letter services will be available to general consumers.

A week full of drama & suspicious articles at the Perth Mail Centre

This week, the Perth Mail Centre faced a series of events involving suspicious packages, leading to evacuations. Five letters, including one at Premier Colin Barnett’s office, were discovered containing harmless flour. Police are investigating the incident, considering it seriously despite the benign nature of the substance.