Making Direct Mail work for you!


Who are you going to target?

Its not just a question of buying a list and sending them a letter and a brochure hoping this will achieve the desired outcome.


You need to have some understanding of your target, what need they have that you can satisfy is a good start. Can you direct your message to your intended target i.e. can you personalise it? Remember, you are a customer too, so just thinking about how you would like to be treated can really help your campaign.


Where do you find them?

A little early research can go a long way. Understanding your customer base can enable you to build a profile of the people most likely to do business with you. If you have already satisfied a need then there may be others out there who have a similar need.


What is the message?

Keep it simple. There’s no need for War and Peace. These people will give your promotion little time so you need to zero in on what you can do for them quickly and succinctly.


How often?

This is probably one of the most overlooked areas in building a successful campaign.


There is considerable research on how many messages a prospect receives before they act. There can be a variety of reasons for this but if you look at larger companies and how often they project their message you will notice a high level of frequency. Why? Its not just the message, its how often you deliver it. They didn’t get to be large companies by not delivering their message frequently.


What happened?

All promotions you get involved in need to be analysed. You need to understand what worked and what didn’t. How quickly you can adapt your message has to be a key ingredient in any campaign. Direct Mail enables you to analyse results and alter your campaign accordingly. Too many campaigns are completed without understanding what worked and what could be done differently and cost effectively to achieve the overall objective.