Quickmail are a mail house in Perth. Utilise the power of Quickmail’s specialised equipment, knowledgeable staff, data processing software and our fast manual handline to deliver your communications anywhere in Australia or the world. Our mailing services include;

Addressed Mail

Addressed mail comprises of a range of different options and Quickmail are experts in ensuring you use the most cost efficient and effective method for your business.

Database & Address Management
Mailing to a clean database reduces costs and retains your customers. We can also merge contacts who live in the same household. Our return mail service increases savings further by supplying a datafile of returned mail pieces.

DPID Barcoding, Print Post Numbers & Postal Discounts
Australia Post has a range of postal categories that can attract postal discounts. The most common, PreSort, requires a DPID (Delivery Point Identifier) barcode to be applied to every mail piece. Newsletters, magazines and publications that are sent more than twice a year can apply for a Print Post number. This number will attract discounted postal rates if you have more than 100 mail pieces. For other items, Quickmail can advise on the best postal solution to maximise the postal discount. Quickmail are experts at achieving this postal discount and maximising savings where ever possible.

Magazine & Publication Distribution
Quickmail offers a complete solution for magazine and publication processing, addressing and distribution. Quickmail’s plastic wrap machine can process up to 200 magazines a minute and onsert up to 5 additional items, including flysheets. This means your job is processed quickly, on time and cost effectively.  Inserting leaflets and samples into magazines can not always be completed by machine. This is when your business can utilise our experienced hand line team. Our team can quickly and efficiently insert and manually handle any type of job.

Print & Email Newsletters
Quickmail are fully equipped to design, print, mail & email newsletters and publications for all types of businesses. We also offer a unique print and email option for businesses who want to reach their customers through both traditional and digital channels.

Quickmail Manager
To make sending mail easier for our clients, Quickmail has launched a web-to-print platform called Quickmail Manager. This online store allows clients who send regular mail outs to upload lists, create dynamic documents and order jobs instantly.

Addressed Mail

Unaddressed/Letterbox Mail

Letterbox advertising or unaddressed mail is a great way to reach customers in specific postcode areas and it can be delivered through the Australia Post network.

Unaddressed Mail can include:

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Flyers
  • Brochures and Catalogues
  • Community Specific Information/Events/Announcements
  • Political Mail

Unaddressed Mail can be sent in an envelope that features a message, in plastic wrap or sent unwrapped.

This form of communication is low cost and can reach a broad range of customers. It can be sent as regular or priority.

There are rules and guidelines that surround unaddressed mail delivery and minimum booking times so contact us for assistance or download a copy of our Unaddressed Mail Guide by clicking on the link to the right.

Woman holding Pink sale flyer
Letterbox Advertising Guide

Private Mail Box

Quickmail offers a Private Mail Box Rental Service where we can receive individual’s or company mail at our street address and we will notify you as per your requests. You can pick up from us or we can arrange to ship the items to you, or we can scan and archive them. Each client is allocated a specific suite number and as it is a real street address you can have items delivered by courier companies.

Quickmail also offers a Scan Mail Service in which the mail is scanned and emailed to your nominated email address or Dropbox account.


Plastic Wrap

Plastic Wrapping is a high impact method of sending your magazines, brochures and direct mail pieces or unaddressed mail.

Our 100% degradable plastic wrap is cost effective and protects your mail from the weather whilst enabling your brand and marketing message to be easily seen. Our data processing system enables us to fully personalise your mail pieces to ensure you get the best return on investment.

Quickmail’s high speed plastic wrapping machines can wrap items of almost any size and thickness, we can also add inserts and onserts to your mail pack.

Our expert team of machine operators can process thousands of mail packs per day to ensure a fast turnaround for our clients.

Quickmail line haul our plastic wrap lodgements to ensure the maximum postal discounts.

We use a low density polyethylene plastic for all of our plastic wrap mailouts to ensure we’re doing our part for the environment, while maintaining a quality packaging option for your mail piece. The plastic wrap can be disgarded in the ‘green waste’ bin at home and it will eventually degrade and disintegrate. Find out more here.

Plastic Wrap 2

Envelope Insertion

With multiple C4, C5 and DLX inserting machines you can trust Quickmail’s machine automation services for fast, reliable and unprecedented quality.

Quickmail has a range of high speed, intelligent inserting machines. These machines are designed for easy set up and have automatic feeders using state of the art paper handling technology.  The end result is that we can process your mail outs in a secure and fast environment.

Whether your mail piece is addressed, or unaddressed, window face or plain face, one insert or multiple inserts our team can ensure a fast turnaround for any sized job.

Our versatile machines can also process non-standard envelope sizes – or we can use our team of workers to manually insert those more complicated or delicate jobs.

IMG_5305 (002)

Envelope Supply & Print

We can supply and print envelope orders of hundreds up to thousands.

Bulk Envelope Supply & Print
We supply a range of envelopes including standard office sizes such as DL, DLX, C5 and C4. Envelopes can be supplied with a window face or plain face and in a variety of sealing options – press seal, self seal, lick and stick. Our in house design team can readily put together artwork for any job including company logos and return addresses.

If you are looking for a Specialty Envelope in a non standard size, colour or shape please contact us to discuss further.

Envelope Addressing
Our range of high speed ink jet and digital printing machines are ready to address any sized job you require. Envelope addressing onto plain faced envelopes is a cost effective way to mail. Paired with our data management services, we can print Australia Post DPID barcodes along with the address in one pass.

Full Colour Printed Envelopes
Don’t let your marketing efforts go straight from the mailbox to the bin with plain, dull, off-the-shelf envelopes. Creative use of full colour images and text on your envelopes are an ideal way to further promote your business and to make your mail stand out from the crowd. Add some visual flair to your mail piece and you make an eye catching, bold statement that will:

  • Improve open rates
  • Grab attention quickly using colour, images and text
  • Communicate marketing messages quickly
  • Create the strongest brand impact
  • Increase competitiveness
Envelope Supply & Print

Email & SMS

Supporting Printed Marketing with an Online Campaign is essential in today’s environment.

Email and SMS Marketing are fast, in-expensive and effective ways of reaching your market. Integrated with a direct mailer or other advertising campaigns, email and SMS marketing can boost response rates and engagement.

Quickmail’s email system, Quickmail Link allows you to handle all aspects of email and SMS marketing. Quickmail Link runs in your web browser and allows personalised messages to be sent to large databases.

Quickmail Link features include;

  • Create and edit emails with a drag and drop system
  • Personalise emails with names, company names and customer information
  • Upload and store contact lists
  • Segment customers lists by customer preferences and other information
  • Schedule emails and create auto responders
  • Send bulk SMS and manage replies
  • Create subscriber form
  • Automatically manage bounced and unsubscribed emails
  • Statistical reporting lets you see open rates, click through rate and much more
  • Social media links

Quickmail Link packages start at the DIY level; upload your contacts, design your own emails and start sending today, the Starter Kit; get us to set up your account and you do the rest or Full Account Management; we manage everything for you. Download the Quickmail Link Info and Pricing Guide or start your Free Trial.


Manual Processing

Our team can look after any of your manual processing needs- whether its specialised wrapping, manual inserting and matching, Showbag/Conference satchel packing, applying stickers and magnets, glue dot application or manual folding of delicate items.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and we can work out a solution to meet your needs.