Marketing Agencies

Needing to create successful campaigns in tight timeframes means that Marketing and Advertising Agencies want a go-to team they can rely on for all their mailing needs. Quickmail are the experts in all things mail so let us assist you by giving accurate advice and fast turn around times.

Here are just a few of the ways we can help you;


Utilising mail in your marketing campaigns can really add to the outcome of the project. There are so many options when it comes to using mail and it can be confusing at times. Our team is here to advise you and make all the relevant bookings- we can ensure that all artwork is postage compliant and that you are getting the maximum postal discounts.

Quickmail knows all aspects of mailing inside out – let us assist you with the planning and implementation of your next mailout.


Unaddressed Mail

Unaddressed Mail is a low cost mail service that can target customers in a specific postcode area.

Letterbox advertising or unaddressed mail is a great way to reach customers in specific postcode areas and it can be delivered through the Australia Post network or by walkers. You can choose to send mail to business or residential delivery points.

Unaddressed Mail can include:

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Flyers
  • Brochures and Catalogues
  • Community Specific Information/Events/Announcements
  • Political Mail

Quickmail have access to great unaddressed mail rates due to the high volumes that we send – speak with us today to find out how you can get access to our discounted rates.

Direct (Addressed ) Mail

Direct Mail is a targeted, personal method of advertising and promoting your product or service. It is a strategically tailored way of mailing that delivers a message directly to prospective customers. Direct Mail campaigns can be in the form of a reminder, a postcard, a promotion, a catalogue, notification of new products and services, delivery of a newsletter or as a tool to generate website traffic.

Quickmail knows Addressed Mail inside out – let us assist you with the planning and implementation of your next mailout.


Envelope Supply & Print

We supply a range of envelopes including standard office sizes such as DL, DLX, C5 and C4. Envelopes can be supplied with a window face or plain face and in a variety of sealing options – press seal, self seal, lick and stick. Our in house design team can readily put together artwork for any job including company logos and return addresses.

Envelope Addressing
Our range of high speed ink jet and digital printing machines are ready to address any sized job you require. Envelope addressing onto plain faced envelopes is a cost effective way to mail. Paired with our data management services, we can print Australia Post DPID barcodes along with the address in one pass.

Product Storage & Distribution

Quickmail delivers warehousing and distribution services to a range of clients from small business through to large government departments. If you or your clients require short or long term storage our services can be tailored to your needs and our experienced staff and extensive warehousing and distribution software can help you streamline your warehousing systems.

Plastic Wrap 2

Plastic Wrap

Plastic Wrapping is a high impact method of sending your magazines, brochures and direct mail pieces or unaddressed mail.

Our 100% degradable plastic wrap is cost effective and protects your mail from the weather whilst enabling your brand and marketing message to be easily seen. Our data processing system enables us to fully personalise your mail pieces to ensure you get the best return on investment.

Quickmail’s high speed plastic wrapping machines can wrap items of almost any size and thickness, we can also add inserts and onserts to your mail pack.

Our expert team of machine operators can process thousands of mail packs per day to ensure a fast turnaround for our clients.

Quickmail line haul our plastic wrap lodgements to ensure the maximum postal discounts.

Packaging Supply

Ensuring your product arrives safe and protected is of utmost importance to the team at Quickmail. We can assist with advice on the best methods of packing items and can even supply a wide range of items including Recycled Boxes, New Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Courier Bags, Brown Paper and Padded Bags



Parcel Sending

Businesses often need to send one off or multiple parcels to customers, prospects or suppliers. We can help by organising the packing (if required) and paperwork for any bulk items.  We have access to great Australia Post postage and courier rates and can pass these savings on to you.

Sign up to our Quickmail Parcel Sending system and you can calculate postage rates, print out a label and then drop your item to our Kenwick depot. Your item will be shipped same day and you will have access to your tracking number so you know where your parcel is.

No standing in line to wait to be served and we will fill out all the paperwork.

If you need packaging items we can assist with this too!

Variable Printing

Quickmail offers an extensive range of digital and inkjet variable printing. Our team will ensure that your brief is expertly managed, delivers cost effective results and fulfils your communication objectives.

Variable data printing is a form of printing in which elements of the document such as names, account numbers and even images, change for each contact. You can utilise our powerful variable print software and expert team to create engaging and personal messages.


Postage Savings

Quickmail utilises industry leading IT solutions and production infrastructure to ensure we offer our customers the most up to date Data Management technology. Our Data Management and composition capabilities ensure that we add value to every mail pack whilst ensuring the maximum postal discounts.

Quickmail has the ability to design and produce the most complex personalised documents for high speed printing, multiple pages can be identified and coded with information to ensure they are inserted into the correct envelope.

Our experienced staff using advanced software have the ability to edit, manipulate and format data including variable text, pictures, graphics and calculated data.

Our Data Management Services include;
– Complicated Document Design
– DPID Barcoding
– Mail Sorting
– Data Washing
– De-duplicating
– Variable Data Printing