Bulk mail changes come into affect 2nd June. Is your business ready?

 In just under a week’s time Australia Post’s new changes to bulk mail and business letter services will come into affect. These changes include delivery timetables, rates and postage paid meters. The new two speed delivery timetable will now be available to all customers with rates changing accordingly. Updated postage paid meters will be entering an implementation period.

Letter services that will be affected are:
– Pre-sort mail
– Print post mail
– Surface mail
– Charity mail
– Imprint and metered mail (postage paid stamps & franking machines)
– Clean mail

Two Speed Delivery Timetable

The current delivery timetable for all bulk letter and business letter services will replaced by a two speed delivery timetable. This timetable will be available to all business letter services excluding Print Post.


Print Post Timetable 

Print post will also advance to a new two speed timetable however with slightly different delivery times.


Surface Mail

Surface mail is will now be superseded by the regular timetable. The surface mail imprint will be allowed to appear on envelopes during the implementation period which end on the 1st of January 2015.


New rates for the two speed delivery timetable will be introduced. Speak to your Australia Post account manger or your Quickmail account manager for more information.

Postage Paid Meters 

To accompany the new two speed delivery timetables, new postage paid imprints have been introduced. Standard ‘Postage Paid Australia’ imprints will indicate the letter is using the regular timetable. ‘Priority Postage Paid Australia’ will need to be used when sending mail with the Priority timetable.

These imprints are currently in the implementation stage. This means that envelopes with ‘Postage Paid Australia’ only and envelopes with ‘Surface Mail’ can still be used, however new imprints are preferred. The end of this implementation period is the 1st January 2015, at which old imprints will not accepted.

To download the new priority postage paid meter click here.



Franking Machines 

Rate changes and postage paid meter changes will also affect franking machine customers. These changes should be made automatically however, if not please contact the manufacturer or supplier of your machine.

Download your 2014 Bulk Mail Guide here.

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