Do you send an Email Newsletter? Here’s why we think you should!


Not only has e-newsletters stood the test of time, they’ve proven to be an effective tool in marketing to your customers.

We’ve got a few reason why your business should considering publishing and sending out an electronic newsletter.


E-newsletters are so worthwhile because they’re inexpensive! They’re simple to make, effective in achieving more sales and sending over the web is easy! Email marketing is a cost-effective solution that will give you the power to reach your customers anywhere at anytime. If someone subscribes to your e-newsletter, they’re showing their interest in your business. It’s integral to make sure you provide them with the information they want to see.


Email is still relevant, especially with smart phone capabilities. This means everyone with a smart phone can receive an email whether they’re on the train, out shopping, or just sitting at home. Email is still a valuable opportunity for business to reach their customers. To really make your message clear, you combine your email marketing with your social media. This increases the exposure and consistency of your brand message.


People are far more willing to purchase a product or service off you if they know, like and trust your business. You want to build credibility with your audience. The content of your email will allow people to stay engaged and connect with your business.


Mobile open rates continue to get higher, overtaking desktop viewing. This means you need a responsive or mobile-friendly template for your e-newsletter too. An e-newsletter looks professional, and it shows you know what you’re talking about. It will help you in constructing a clear brand image.


Here at Quickmail we have a specific service designed to help you with e-newsletters. It’s called Quickmail Link and it allows you to send emails and e-newsletters to a list of contacts. Find out more here. Our system allows you to track your email in the reporting section and you can see how its performing, where people are clicking and lots of other insights that will help you craft your content and plan the next email or e-newsletter issue.


Contact us today and we can help you with your email marketing.


  • Kyle O'Ren says:

    I love what you’re saying about the relevancy of email. I have a newsletter I send around for my neighborhood and nobody reads it unless I send it in an email. I also agree that you must make it mobile friendly especially if you’re sending from a business. Great article!

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