The Difference Between Unaddressed Mail and Direct Mail in Australia

The Difference Between Unaddressed Mail and Direct Mail

When comparing unaddressed mail versus direct mail, it is important to note that unaddressed mail is a broader, more generic way to reach a larger audience, whereas direct mail targets specific persons or businesses. Unaddressed mail may be less focused but more cost-effective, whereas direct mail can be more personalised and targeted. Understanding these differences will help you adjust and optimise your marketing strategy effectively.

Key Points

  • Unaddressed mail targets broader audience segments.
  • Direct mail focuses on specific individuals or businesses.
  • Unaddressed mail is cost-effective but less targeted.
  • Direct mail can be personalised.
  • Direct mail requires you to supply address data whereas unaddressed mail do not.
  • Quickmail offers both unaddressed mail and direct mail services.

What is Unaddressed Mail?

Let us further explain how Unaddressed Mail works and how you can utilise this service in Perth, Western Australia or around whole of Australia. Another benefit, besides from being cost effective, is that unaddressed mail does not require an address, so you do not need to supply your own address data list. Unaddressed mail, sometimes called letterbox mail or flyer drops, are sent to all premises and/or households within a specified radius or location.
As a bulk mail partner with Australia Post, Quickmail utilise Australia Post’s services for the delivery. The benefit is that your items will be delivered together with the recipient’s direct mail items, increasing visibility rate, and preventing your items being bundled up inside other advertising material.

In targeting new customers efficiently, Unaddressed Mail offers businesses a cost-effective strategy that allows for reaching new audiences with minimal risks. Quickmail’s solution enables businesses to bypass the challenge of unavailable contact details and reach a wider audience at a lower cost. Businesses can choose from various types of mailers such as postcards, catalogues, brochures, flyers, envelopes, and plastic-wrapped articles to convey their marketing messages effectively.

What Can You Send Through Unaddressed Mail?

Businesses can use a variety of mail items to efficiently deliver their marketing messages when using unaddressed/letterbox mail for marketing.

Some common types of mailers that can be sent through unaddressed mail include:

  1. Flyers
  2. Brochures
  3. Postcards
  4. Catalogues
  5. Plastic Wrapped Articles
  6. Envelopes
  7. Folded Mailers
  8. Newsletters

These mailers can be designed in a visually appealing and informative way to capture the recipient’s attention and communicate the desired information. Unaddressed mail is a great vessel to promote your business or products, inform the community of events or announcements and send political promotions.

Why Should Your Businesses Use Unaddressed Mail?

To maximise marketing impact and reach a broader audience, businesses can benefit from utilising unaddressed mail services.

  • Increased Visibility: Unaddressed mail allows your business to reach a wide audience, increasing brand visibility.
  • Cost-Effective: Compared to direct mail, unaddressed mail services are generally more cost-effective, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to save on marketing expenses.
  • Target Specific Areas: Businesses can target specific geographic areas with unaddressed mail, allowing for tailored marketing campaigns. With new system updates, there will soon be even more ways to segment your audience.
  • High Response Rates: Unaddressed mail often yields high response rates, making it an effective way to engage with potential customers.

Why Use Quickmail for Unaddressed Mail?

As a bulk mail partner with Australia Post, Quickmail has acquired contract postage rates, making it possible to offer our clients competitive pricing for their unaddressed mailing projects. As we utilise Australia Post for the delivery, we can also offer greater reach to remote areas, non-accessible by other delivery means. Quickmail has a longstanding relationship with Australia Post, extensive experience, and expertise in the unaddressed mail booking process, sorting requirements and can assist in making the process effortless, fast and faultless. For more information on sending unaddressed mail through Quickmail, contact us here.

What is Direct Mail and why should you use it?

Direct mail is a type of advertising in which tangible mail items (letters, postcards, brochures, catalogues, flyers, etc.) are delivered directly to prospective or existing clients. It is a type of outbound marketing that enables businesses to reach a wider audience while personalising their messages to their target audience.

When using direct mail marketing strategies, businesses benefit from the tangible interaction and targeted approach offered by physical mail campaigns.

Direct Mail Benefits:

  • Tangible marketing material
  • Higher chance of being noticed
  • Targeted audience approach
  • Allows for tracking campaign success

Direct mail enables companies to create personalised connections with their audience by delivering physical marketing materials directly to their mailboxes. This form of marketing stands out in the digital world, offering a unique way to engage with customers, target specific demographics and track the responses to determine the effectiveness and success of campaigns. A well-executed direct mail campaign can yield high response rates and ROI when tailored to the recipient’s preferences. Direct mail advertising also offers the advantage of being a tangible and physical form of communication, making it more memorable than digital alternatives. Through strategic direct mail campaigns and distribution methods, businesses can enhance brand visibility, generate leads, and ultimately increase sales.

Direct Mail Services Offered By Quickmail

Quickmail’s direct mail services provide a wide range of efficient and effective solutions for reaching your target audience through physical marketing materials. These services include:

  • Packaging Solutions: Utilising high-speed plastic wrapping machines for impactful mail. Hands on manual picking and packing of promotional material.
  • Envelope Services: Offering insertion, addressing, and manual processing for delicate jobs.
  • Manual Processing Services: Specialised wrapping, inserting, and matching services tailored to client needs.
  • Contact and Customer Service: Easy communication for discussing project needs and prompt responses to inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to post advertising and community information?

Unaddressed mail can be more cost-effective compared to direct mail, offering broader reach at lower costs. It is untracked but can cater for greater coverage for general reach. Great for public notices, political mail, flyer drops etc. No need to supply your own address data.  It’s crucial to weigh the target audience, message impact, and budget constraints to determine the most suitable mail marketing strategy for your business.

How Can Businesses Target Specific Demographics With Unaddressed Mail?

Currently unaddressed mail caters for location specific targeting and residential and/or business address targeting only. However, there are some new and exciting developments in the pipeline for unaddressed mail, with aim to increase segmenting. Stay tuned!

Are There Any Restrictions on the Content That Can Be Sent Through Unaddressed Mail?

We guarantee compliance with content regulations for unaddressed mail. Our team leads you through any restrictions, ensuring your mail reaches the intended audience effectively. Let Quickmail manage the details while you focus on growth.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Combining Unaddressed Mail With Other Marketing Strategies?

When combining unaddressed mail with other marketing strategies, we enhance reach and engagement. By integrating it with targeted digital campaigns, we maximise impact. The synergy of diverse methods amplifies brand visibility and drives conversions effectively.


It’s clear that personalised communication is the key to revealing the hearts and minds of your audience. Whether you choose the broad reach of unaddressed mail or the targeted precision of direct mail, remember that every message sent is an opportunity to make a lasting impression.

Quickmail can offer a complete solution for your business. For e-commerce businesses, Quickmail provides efficient order packing and fulfilment services to guarantee timely delivery to customers. Our printing services offer quick turnaround times and industry knowledge to create effective print and mailing solutions. Additionally, Quickmail help businesses of all sizes with mailing, fulfilment, distribution, and print needs. Our extensive services aim to streamline operations and enhance the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

Let us help you with your next project and watch your marketing efforts soar. Contact Quickmail today!