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What is unaddressed mail and how can your business use it to advantage?

Letterbox advertising or unaddressed mail is a great way to reach customers in specific postcode areas and it can be delivered through the Australia Post network.

Have you ever received a real estate flyer or Domino’s voucher in your mail? If you have a mailbox, then the answer is most probably yes. These mail pieces have found their way to you using the most cost-efficient and far-reaching mail service – Unaddressed Mail.

What is Unaddressed/Letterbox mail?

Sometimes also referred to as letterbox advertising or letterbox droppers, undressed mail, is delivered through the Australia Post network (read more here).

You can target localities or postcodes, businesses, or residential addresses.

Unaddressed Mail can include:

•           Advertising Campaigns

•           Samples and coupons

•           Flyers, Brochures and Catalogues

•           Community Specific Information/Events/Announcements

•           Political Mail

Unaddressed Mail can be sent in an envelope that features a message, in plastic wrap, or sent unwrapped.

This form of communication is low cost and can reach a broad range of customers. It can be sent as regular or priority.

We have seen a few campaigns in our time, and now we are going to share with you a few tips.

Should I use unaddressed mail?

There are rules and guidelines that surround unaddressed mail delivery and minimum booking times so contact us for assistance or download a free copy of our Unaddressed Mail Guide by clicking on the link to the right (yes, it’s free!).

Once you have an understanding of the guidelines, you can use unaddressed mail to:

  • market to new customers that you don’t have the contact details of
  • help with your SEO and website traffic
  • improve your brand trust and loyalty
  • educate your current customers
  • implement a cost-effective and affordable marketing strategy

How to send unaddressed mail

Sending unaddressed mail is easy if you follow a few simple steps. As with all mail, the size and weight will affect the postal rate. The design and shape of an unaddressed mail piece only has a few restrictions.

As with all mail, the size and weight will affect the postal rate. There are relatively few restrictions on the design and shape of unaddressed mail.

The best way to send your unaddressed mail is to utilise an Australia Post Bulk Mail Partner such as Quickmail. We comply with all Australia Post standards and are one of the largest lodgers of mail in the state. We can also offer better postal rates depending on volume.

We can help

Are you keen to reach consumers and businesses more effectively via unaddressed mail?

At Quickmail we will help you send out your catalogs, flyers, and other promotional material nationwide, or target suburbs or postcodes.

If you would like to know more about unaddressed mail or any of our other services, please Contact us today.

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