Want to send a postcard?

Old-fashioned they may be, but they are still an effective selling tool.

Postcards can be fun

The opportunity to be creative in the form of an image can brighten the mood of the recipient and build a good perception on your organisation.

Postcards demand little copy

There’s only so much space to put your message so you don’t have to write screeds. It does help you clarify your offer too.

Postcards are well read

With little copy and an interesting image the readership of a postcard is very high. Not just your intended target gets the message.

Postcards maximize time

In the time it takes someone to open up a letter the message on a postcard has already been read by many. Its minimal interruption with maximum impact.

Postcards are visible

People tend to keep an interesting postcard. It gets pinned up on notice boards rather than filed away.

Postcards are quick

Its so easy is it to get your message out in a positive way to a large audience in a matter of days.

Postcards are inexpensive

Measured against any other medium postcards have to be one of the cost effective forms of promotion.