4 Reasons to Use Direct Mail

There are some great statistics around that you should consider before deciding that direct mail is dead. Response rate is great, but what about ROI? Here are 4 reasons to move forward and implement some direct mail marketing in your strategy.

Targeted and Familiar
Direct mail campaigns are extremely targeted to a specific audience. There is a much greater chance of communicating with the right customer at the right time. Direct mail has been trusted for over 100 years. It has been proven that over time people have grown to be sceptical of email campaigns.

Popular and Proven
Over 70% of consumers still want print ads despite the emergence of digital ad usage. Direct mail has been in wide use for such a long time, there is huge amounts of data proving its effectiveness.

Lasting and Versatile
Direct mail has a greater chance of being seen than email. A physical piece of paper leaves a lasting impression. Because the customer can physically touch the message, they see it as more trustworthy.

Personalised and Effective
Direct mail pieces can be customised to feel more personable. This results in a product that feels more trustworthy and leads to a greater chance of landing the customer. Direct mail makes the customer feel emotionally charged and valued. Customers are far more likely to notice, open, read, and enjoy mail than digital forms of advertising. Direct mail creates a call to action that resonates.

If you’re thinking about using Direct Mail to speak to your clients, contact the friendly Quickmail team today.