Postcard Power

Produce high impact results with a simple, low cost, good old fashioned postcard.

Advertising on the web, email or using other high-tech marketing methods aren’t the only way to market your business these days. The postcard is one of the simplest forms of effective marketing, an easy-to-implement sales tool that reaches its targets fast.

Pack a Powerful, Cost-effective Marketing Punch

Often overlooked, the postcard is an effective means of capturing your audience in an instant. What would you read first: a full colour postcard with attractive photos and visible offers or a plain envelope with an unmarked sender?

The power of print advertising and direct mail marketing can never be underestimated and even in its simplest form it will generate a positive response, and without big investment.

The Business Tool that Boosts

It’s only natural when you receive a postcard in the mail to turn it over and read who sent it to you. Informative and less intrusive than email, postcards are easy to read and will target potential customers quickly.

With technology ever evolving, 21st century marketing insists on high-tech methods to match, which means there’s less and less competition for the traditional postcard. Inexpensive, easy to read and proven to generate sales, this is one marketing technique that can take on any size, colour, gloss or graphic.

Tradition and Technology Combined

Additionally, our present technological day and age means that the good old fashioned postcard can be upgraded. New variable digital technology allows you to create personalised postcards.  Features such as colour, special offers, photos and graphics can be individualised for each customer, captivating your target immediately.

For example, a local vet may use postcards as reminders to clients with animals that need vaccinating. The technology available allows visual content to vary depending on the information required – so those with dogs can have an image of a dog on the postcard, those with cats can have a cat image and so on. Utilise digital technology and you can send the perfect marketing piece to the perfect prospect!

Make a Big First Impression

To ensure a positive response, the success of advertising with postcards relies on:

  • – Effective design. Postcards get delivered in a format that’s ready to read. Pay attention to design and spend time conceptualising a clear, short and concise message.
  • – Accurate definition of your market. By clearly defining your audience you will have a specific purpose for sending the postcard which helps create a more efficient message. Even the most cleverly conceptualised design may prove ineffective when sent out to the wrong crowd so ensure you communicate with the right prospects.
  • – Make headlines. Capture attention with a strong headline. It takes less than five seconds to read so grab the reader’s attention, arouse curiosity and invite the recipient to read on.
  • – Visual Impact. Make the face of your postcard eye-catching, witty and/or compelling so that it finds it’s way to the bulletin boards, the refrigerator and the office walls. Enhance your message and complement what your postcard is saying by using a captivating image.
  • – Consider postal restrictions. (See below) Cost will vary depending on size and finish and ensure that you leave enough space to print your recipients name and address (as well as a barcode to ensure you get maximum postal discounts).
  • – Always end your postcard by telling the reader exactly what to do to get more details – and include a reason to do it – immediately!

Bigger Results from a Smaller Campaign

Postcards are versatile, boost website traffic, generate sales leads, promote new products, offer discounts, thank customers, make announcements, test a new marketing approach with low initial cost and very importantly, keep your name in front of your target audience.

So, marketing doesn’t have to be up to the minute high-tech or expensive to get results. A postcard campaign to boost your business with cost effective efficiency could be just the ticket.


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