Quickmail supports new not-for-profit organisation, Mind Mates with branding and logo design


Quickmail is pleased to introduce Mind Mates – a new not-for-profit organisation in Perth that aims to increase children’s emotional resilience.

Mind Mates offers an innovative group program for 8-10 year olds, developed by Clinical Psychologist Emily Harper and Developmental Occupational Therapist Tamara Bushell. Over the course of the program, children develop skills in mindfulness, emotion regulation, decision making and problem solving, social skills and communication, core values and healthy self-talk.


Skills are taught using play, art and craft, games and other creative methods, taking into account the varied developmental and sensory needs of this age group of children. The program aims to keep costs low so that it is easily affordable for families.


Quickmail has been proud to support Mind Mates with logo design, branding and printing.


If you are interested in hearing more about the Mind Mates program, please visit the website – www.mindmatesaustralia.org – or contact the director, Emily Harper (Ph: 0417 091 812; mindmates@outlook.com). You can also follow Mind Mates news on Facebook – www.facebook.com/mindmatesaustralia.