How important is the envelope?

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If you want your direct mail piece to be opened, it is important to be strategic in your approach. If your audience is not moved to open the envelope, you don’t get to talk to them.

When it comes time to choose your envelope, there are three factors to look at: size, paper stock, and colour. They all matter. Size can be a function of many considerations, including the letter form itself, as well as the purpose of the letter and need for space to hold your sales message. Oversized envelopes obviously stand out in the mailbox, increasing the likelihood they’ll get noticed and opened.

Paper stock and colour also play key roles in making the right first impression. Heavier stock makes your direct mail piece more noticeable among competing mail (albeit potentially more expensive; budgets are another thing to consider). Colour—whether it’s brand-related or used for effect—can attract eyes and arouse enough curiosity for someone to open and spend quality time with your piece.

There are three areas of the envelope that deserve extra consideration as you’re preparing your direct mail piece:

  1. The address
    The mailing address is the first thing your audience will look at, they’re asking “is it addressed to me?”
  2. Your return address
    The return address also matters because it can establish who the item is from. It’s up to you whether you clearly identify who the sender is with your logo and branding, or whether you send a blank envelope. There are also limitations depending on what mail type you’re using to send your mail piece.
  3. Teaser
    A teaser’s function is to entice the reader into opening the mail piece. Think about where you might place your teaser message. As people read left to right, perhaps you can try left of the address. Although many people include their teaser right or below the address.

Whether it’s a blind outer envelope that compels people to open and find out who sent the mailing, or a highly-branded outer envelope that instantly announces who it’s from and what it’s about, you want to make a first impression that gives people no choice but to open and read what you have to say.

If you want further information on envelope layout or design elements, contact the Quickmail team today. We’ve also put together a quick envelope guide which will help you in deciding which envelope you should use.

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