Got a marketing plan? We’ve got some tips to help you stick to it!



A great marketing plan is a long-term strategy for your business, it is important not to abandon it too early.
Good things take time.


We’ve got a short list of 9 tips that will help you keep to your marketing plan.


    1. Reaffirm your vision every day.
      Allocate time to reflect on what you want, this motivation and drive to get it will help more than you think. When you believe, obstacles that would throw your entire day into chaos suddenly become quiet noise that you just intuitively know how to solve without giving up too much valuable time or energy.


    1. Focus on your niche. 
      Know the inside and out of your market, be the expert. Don’t put a limit on your knowledge for your services and products.


    1. Stay close to your ideal client.
      It’s important to research into things that matter to your client. Stay on top of your client’s needs by networking and doing surveys. It also pays to read community forums, read magazines in your industry and sign up for newsletters.


    1. Keep your eyes on the competition.
      Your client needs to know you offer a competitive advantage in addressing their needs. You will need to watch what your competitor is doing.


    1. Make sure you’re positioned to win.
      If you’re already doing the first four steps, maybe its time to try something new, tweak your message to re-establish your client rapport.


    1. Take action every day.
      Stick to your plan and follow the schedule closely. At the end of each week, mark your progress off.


    1. Focus on one marketing project at a time.
      It’s good to have lots of goals, but more important to tackle each one individually. Even if its just one idea, one project or one objective at a time.


    1. Ask yourself good questions.
      Instead of wishing and waiting for your goals and objectives to come true, ask yourself how and what you can do to make them come true.


  1. Congratulate yourself.
    It’s one thing to set goals, make to make a plan to achieve them is the second best thing. You’re much more likely to succeed with something if you take action.


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