Black Friday sales marketing

Black Friday marketing tips for eCommerce stores

Black Friday in Australia is observed each year on the Friday after Thanksgiving in USA (celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November). Although it is originally a US phenomenon, Black Friday is gaining popularity amongst Australian shoppers and retailers alike. Cyber Monday is an online-only event that takes place after Black Friday.

You can improve the performance of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns by adding extra functionalities or by offering unique deals.

But where do you start? And which strategies will yield the best return on time or money invested?

Black Friday sales marketing

Black Friday in Australia is the same as it is everywhere around the world. While black Friday Sales started as just one day, it has quickly transformed into something much bigger – in fact this holiday period often lasts five days.

If you want to get ahead of the competition and boost your online sales during the Black Friday sales, then you’ll need a marketing and sales strategy targeted to your audience, and you’ll also need a tested system for fulfilling all those extra orders!

8 marketing tips for eCommerce stores

Here are our top 8 Black Friday tips for online stores.

1.Create an eye-catching email newsletter

Email content that provides value to your subscribers can help to trigger better email open rates and can also encourage them to take action.

So, think about what discounts or exclusive promo codes you can offer to subscribers.

Email designs can be adjusted to have a holiday theme, with images that clearly highlighting what the newsletter is about.

Add in links to items on sale, and strong CTA’s (call to action).

2. Targeted social media content

Make sure you are only posting valuable content on social media. Call people to subscribe to your newsletter to receive the discounts mentioned above, and try to create a sense of urgency in your messages – this is a targeted campaign just for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

This might be the time to consider paid ads that will allow you to apply filters and target specific demographics, all within you own budget. You can also try to collaborate with social media influencer – for example a TikToker who happens to be a popular personality in your niche could help you spread the word about your Black Friday campaign.

3. Add features to your website

It makes sense to add a holiday themed banner to your website, and add in a clear ‘Offers’ tab.

You can also create a sense of urgency with a countdown timer.

And also consider adding in chat-bot/ live chat widget if you don’t already have one to capture all interested website visitors and help to handle additional visitors and customer queries.

4. Check your website is mobile friendly

black Friday sales marketing

According to data from PayPal,  48% of people shop via mobile at least once a week.

Therefore it is crucial that your eCommerce website is mobile-friendly and fully optimised for mobile users (things like are the buttons too small on a mobile or too close together, is the text too small or out of line?).

It is also worth checking that your hosting platform can handle extra traffic during the holiday sales period.

5. Simplify the checkout experience

To boost impulse purchases on Black Friday, and reduce the number of abandoned carts, look to reduce the on-site barriers to buy.

Make payment channels easy, and give customers the option to buy immediately or add the item/s to their cart.

6. Prepare a Black Friday shipping and returns plan

Fast shipping and simple returns are two customer pain points. A good 3PL service such as Quickmail will enable you to deliver excellent customer service in terms of delivery and returns.

Our team are experts in picking and packing orders to ensure your items arrive to the customer in pristine condition. We offer a range of packaging solutions and can work with you to ensure that the ‘unboxing experience’ is one your clients will remember for all the right reasons.

We also have a state-of-the-art returns & exchanges service (reverse logistics)

Offering an easy returns and exchange process for customers is essential in the todays competitve e-commerce landscape. We can receive returns on your behalf, add them back in to storage and ship exchanges.

7. Upsell and cross-sell your products

Provide plenty of prompts for customers to upgrade their choice to a higher-end, more expensive version, and/or offer cross selling opportunities. Make sure you have great copy on your website and well-written content or product descriptions.

8. Develop personalised after-sale communication touchpoints

Holiday sales are a great opportunity for building customer relationships. Once new customers go through your website, make sure you are capturing their email address and details so you can send a personalise thank you email with a further offer code, or a thank you gift.

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