6 Ways You Can Use Direct Mail To Grow Your Business

According to Australia Post, 81% of consumers read their mail immediately, compared to 63% for email.

With its superior cut-through and memorability, Direct Mail is a great way for your business to both reach out and hold your customers’ attention.

This personalised touch means that customers are more likely to notice your message and follow through with an action such as contacting you or making a purchase.

If you’re looking to use Direct Mail but are unsure how to utilise it – here are 6 ways you can utilise Direct Mail to form a connection with your intended customer and grow your overall impressions.

Send A Catalogue

Send a catalogue of products and services. How often do you find yourself flicking through a catalogue you got in the mail as you’re walking back up to the house? Sending a catalogue lets your prospective customers see everything you have to offer right away. Including a voucher or sharing discounts on certain products in the catalogue also provides a great incentive to buy.

Share Savings

Send an offer of a discounts, sale or special you are running. Instead of just sending a card or letter introducing your product or service, why not include a special deal such as percentage off. This is a great way to get first time buyers to take the chance on your product – who doesn’t love a discount!


While email newsletters are the most affordable way to deliver information to your list, printed news is much more conducive to leisurely reading and can also be highly effective.

Give Advice

Create a connection with your customers by sharing your knowledge with them in the form of useful items or tips. Some companies often send their clients calendars or recipes. People who receive these items will keep them because they offer something helpful or useful, and it keeps the company’s name in their mind every time they look at the item. Make sure you send something that affiliates with your main product or service and aligns with your business goals and objectives. This is a great way to get creative!

Provide A Sample

If it’s not costly, why not send a sample of your product or offer a free sample to anyone who responds to your mailing. This gives your potential customer the ability to try before they buy and creates a dialogue with the customer when they respond to receive their sample.


If you’re launching a new product or service, keep your customers in the loop and let them be the first to know about it. This is a great way to make the customer feel valued by your business.

We Can Help!

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