Refresh Your Fulfilment Strategy for 2021

It seems that time of year has snuck up on us again – and just like you, we’re left wondering how on earth 2020 flew by so quickly!

With industries left devastated and businesses across the globe majorly affected by the pandemic, it’s safe to say this year has marked a year of significant change. Whether it be altering your fulfilment strategy or brainstorming new ways to keep your products thriving in the market, business development is well and truly on the cards – and should continue to be at the top of your priorities.

With that said, it’s important to look back on the year and reflect on any weaknesses that might hold you back going into 2021. One of the areas people can overlook, however, is their business’ fulfilment strategy.

To move forward in the new year and streamline your fulfilment process, trusted third-party logistics (3PL) providers like Quickmail can provide your business with the help you need. Here’s why:

From A Workload Perspective

Most businesses that start off small and do everything in-house can quickly get burnt out once an influx of orders start coming through the door. For example, you might be feeling this pressure at the moment especially with the festive shopping season.

With this stress in full effect, it can be a challenge to juggle all the responsibilities associated with running your business. In between marketing your products, managing your staff and keeping on top of your finances, we know there’s always something to be done!

Furthermore, if order fulfilment isn’t proving to be your forte and you’re realising it’s not where you want to concentrate your time, it may be time to rethink your fulfilment strategy and consider the services of a 3PL provider.

From A Cost Perspective

On average, the cost for a business to fulfil an order in-house is estimated to be 70% of the average order value. Here, we’re factoring in labour costs, low ship velocity, returns and other overhead expenses. Simply put, you need to have more efficient data and inventory management systems in place to minimise these costs.

Engaging in the use of a fulfilment partner, on the other hand, gives your business access to a strong team, optimized processes and facilities designed for and dedicated to this very aspect.

Plus, not only does outsourcing your fulfilment process let you save on warehousing costs, but it also leaves your strategy in the hands of experts equipped to meet all kinds of demands – like peak ordering seasons, as mentioned previously.

Why Not Contact Quickmail Today?

There’s never any shame in getting an extra hand, especially once you’ve identified your areas of weakness in your fulfilment strategy. As Perth’s go-to fulfilment centre, Quickmail is here every step of the way to assist you with your company’s storage, fulfilment and distribution needs.

Better yet, if you’re still in need of an expert solution, our friendly team are more than happy to speak with you. Contact Quickmail for a one-on-one discussion or to get yourself a free quote!