Make the rest of 2022 your best months yet in business

Whether you’ve had a bumper year so far, or a slow start, we have some advice to make the rest of 2022 a success and see you finishing the year on a profitable high.

While it might only be July right now, we all know the festive season sneaks up on us faster each year, and let’s face it, “All I want for Christmas is you” will be booming out of the speakers of every shop very soon!

For those of you managing an eCommerce business, now is the time to put some marketing plans and sales strategies into action.

8 Marketing Tips for eCommerce Business Strategy

If you want to build brand awareness, gain customer loyalty, and ultimately increase sales, you can implement some of these tips below and see your business boom.

#1. Revise your checkout process

Marketing Tips for eCommerce Business Strategy

Are you sure you have optimised the flow of your checkout on your eCommerce store?

Some simple tweaks can really improve the user experience and increase eCommerce sales.

Small improvements can include:

  • guest checkouts
  • multiple payment options
  • integrating CTA buttons to products
  • making it easy to reset passwords
  • ensuring your website has an easy layout and intuitive navigation

These are all simple, yet highly effective ways to grow eCommerce sales.

#2. Make sure you have a solid email list

A strong email list can help target and retarget customers at a much better conversion rate than say, social media.  

Build your list through:

  • offering incentives for customers to give their information
  • giving out website discounts
  • adding signup boxes at checkout

When sending newsletters, ensure you personalise your emails and segment lists to achieve the best open and read rates, and ultimately click-throughs and purchases.

#3. Use social media strategically

While emails do have better click-through rates, there is absolutely still a place for social media marketing.

Make sure your socials all have a clear brand message, use it to showcase photos, customers reviews, and new product lines.

When done right, social media will help you to engage audiences, tap into influencer networks, and build brand awareness.

#4. Make returns an easy process

Did you know that by offering a clear and straightforward returns policy, you are actually likely to make more sales?

Research shows that the ease of returning goods is a major influence for many consumers buying online. That means that if you don’t have a visible policy on your website, you might be missing out on sales!

When customers know that they can get their money back without fuss, they can spend with more confidence.

You can find out more about managing returns by downloading our FREE eBook The Easy Guide to Returns Management”.

#5. Gather customer feedback

Make it a priority to start gathering valuable feedback about your eCommerce store.

From customer service to website design, conducting surveys about the overall consumer experience can help you identify which areas you’ll need to improve on in the near future. We recommend using SurveyMonkey – which is an excellent free tool that can help you achieve this.

#6. Ask for reviews

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Or so the saying goes.

As well as asking for honest feedback, encourage those 5-star reviews!

Get them on your social media, on your Google my Business, and on your website.

#7. Embrace a 3PL service

If you’re not already using a 3PL service, you are about to have your mind blown with just how much it can help your business (and your sanity!)

Joining forces with Quickmail for your fulfilment needs can help you to grow your business by giving you freedom from the daily picking and packing, visits to the Post Office and ensuring your items are shipped quickly and efficiently plus you get access to our great rates with Australia Post and other courier providers.

#8. Plan your special offers

Start to plan your Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Black Friday etc deals now!

Work out what you will offer, andhow you will promote this (see points above re. social media and e-newsletters).

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