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Introducing Subamplify, The All-In-One eCommerce Platform

Introducing Subamplify, a revolutionary new eCommerce platform built in Perth!

Here at Quickmail, we are constantly recognising and working towards innovation. That’s why we knew we were making the right decision when recently integrated with WA based eCommerce platform, Subamplify.

Why did we choose Subamplify?

As you know, we love supporting fellow small businesses, and Subamplify is no different. In fact, both our teams share the similar goal of helping eCommerce businesses flourish.

For our clients, what can often stand in the way of building their eCommerce business is the technical side of the trade. That’s why our integration was a no-brainer, as we knew we aligned by wanting to offer these people the right tools and knowledge!

As the CEO and co-founder of Subamplify, Douglas Lim has a deep passion to help 100,000 people build 6-figure and 7-figure eCommerce businesses by 2025. Then to use a percentage of the profits from Subamplify to help eliminate poverty around the world.

In November 2020, Douglas Lim and his co-founder Tom Dallimore successfully launched Subamplify – the first all-in-one eCommerce platform designed for non-techies. With this development, there’s all the more reason for us to continue working hand in hand to assist eCommerce businesses in Perth and the rest of Australia!

So, how does it all work?

For those who don’t know, GetQuickmail is our online ordering service that also acts as an all-in-one database for fulfilment. Updating in real time, this system provides full transparency and lets business owners (our clients) tune in to every part of the process as our team diligently fulfils their orders.

Thanks to our integration with Subamplify, all orders placed get sent directly through to GetQuickmail – which allows us to manage fulfilment and distribution more seamlessly on our end.

As for those using both platforms, Subamplify makes eCommerce business owners’ lives easier by giving everything they need to start and grow a successful online store. The platform’s in-built features include the abilities to:

  • Sell physical and digital products = increase profit margins
  • Sell products on a subscription basis = create regular cashflow
  • Manage order fulfilment through manual or automatic fulfilment
  • Upsell campaigns by suggesting complementary products
  • Build your store pages through a visual drag and drop editor
  • Allow customers to update payment details, download invoices and access member-only content
  • Increase conversions with a super optimised checkout page backed by data
  • Send reminder emails to customers aid in abandoned cart recovery
  • View customer profiles on one consolidated page

The added bonus – The Magic Whiteboard

Aside from this good news, we also happen to be one of Subamplify’s first customers to use their web platform to sell our Magic Whiteboard product!

As mentioned, it was vital tools like the Magic Whiteboard that helped Douglas and Tom to map out their goals at the start of their journey.

Lightweight, portable and versatile, the Magic Whiteboard easily sticks to any hard, flat surface using static and can be removed without a mark. Perfect for business professionals, the Magic Whiteboard is perfect for organising, building on and pitching brilliant ideas – in the very same fashion that Douglas and Tom used it.

As exclusive stockists of the Magic Whiteboard, Quickmail ships this sought-after product on a daily basis – meaning you can get your hands on one in no time at all. For more information, read on here!