How to unite online marketing with traditional print

How to unite online marketing with traditional print

Do you send out printed material to advertise and support your business? Do you know how to unite online marketing with traditional print?

In today’s modern, digital age, there is absolutely still a place for traditional, print marketing. Flyers, booklets, and brochures can all be printed with a short turnaround time and sent to either an existing or a new database.  

However, the best way to make your investment go further and to maximise the impact is to combine printed marketing with an online, digital campaign.

Creating print and digital cross-pollination

Supporting a printed marketing campaign with an online, digital strategy is essential in today’s environment.

Email and SMS Marketing are the most engaging platforms to help marketers to stand out in the eCommerce market.

Because it can be a fast, inexpensive, and effective way of reaching your market, Email and SMS Marketing should be integrated with a direct mailer or other advertising campaigns to boost response rates and engagement.

The effectiveness of SMS marketing is indisputable. In fact, texting has the highest engagement rate of any marketing medium by far at 82% open rates. 90% of messages are read within three minutes of receipt.

However Email marketing also has an impressive conversion rate, with many consumers admitting that personalised and innovative emails influence their online purchase decisions.

Thankfully there is an easy way to manage your digital marketing.

Email and SMS marketing systems

Quickmail’s email system, Quickmail Link allows you to handle all aspects of email and SMS marketing. Quickmail Link runs in your web browser and allows personalised messages to be sent to large databases.

Quickmail Link features include;

  • Create and edit emails with a drag and drop system
  • Personalise emails with names, company names and customer information
  • Upload and store contact lists
  • Segment customers lists by customer preferences and other information
  • Schedule emails and create auto responders
  • Send bulk SMS and manage replies
  • Create subscriber form
  • Automatically manage bounced and unsubscribed emails
  • Statistical reporting lets you see open rates, click through rate and much more
  • Social media links

Quickmail Link packages start at the DIY level; upload your contacts, design your own emails and start sending today, the Starter Kit; get us to set up your account and you do the rest or Full Account Management; we manage everything for you. You can download the Quickmail Link Info and Pricing Guide or contact us directly to chat some more.

Ready to get started?

So, now we know that, when implemented together, offline and online marketing techniques can support and amplify one another, creating a unified strategy.

Ready to get started?

Contact us today and see how you could supercharge your marketing efforts with a digital marketing strategy thatcompliments your printed mailouts.