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How to ensure your business thrives this festive season

Is your business ready for the busy festive period?

If you are wondering how to handle your eCommerce business during the festive season, with an increased spike in sales and website traffic, it’s best to get ready now for eCommerce success this Christmas.

Get ready for eCommerce success this Christmas

The coming few weeks are going to be busy for all eCommerce businesses. We’ve got Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday, then Christmas sales, Boxing Day sales, and New Year deals – phew!

So to help manage this surge in sales and marketing, we’ve summarised the 8 most useful tips from Australia Post and their eCommerce guide:

  1. Plan ahead for the biggest online shopping days in the calendar

Be prepared for business peaks so you can deliver with confidence for your customers.

Don’t just make sure you know all the important dates, but also that all departments are aware and can ensure they are fully resourced in time.

2. Have ‘order by’ dates visible on your website

This is such a simple yet valuable piece of content to have on your website. Customers will want to know cut-off dates so they can plan ahead. You might catch some potential customers who think it’s already too late, only to discover they do still have time.

3. Update your website messaging with estimated delivery times

Same as above really!

4. Ensure all the packaging is sturdy and fits closely to the shape, weight, and size of your items

Quickmail can help you with this. Our team will pick your orders and pack them to ensure your items arrive in pristine condition. We offer a range of packaging solutions and can work with you to ensure that the ‘unboxing experience’ is one your clients will remember for all the right reasons.

5. Plan and share your volumes with your logistics and supply chain partners

Quickmail are ready to help!

6. Ensure you have system for stock control – our online Fulfilment & Distribution system, gives you a real time view of inventory levels by SKU and alerts you to low inventory

7. Address barriers to online shopping

For example, perhaps offer a free shipping threshold or upgrade to express delivery when customers spend over a certain amount

8. Offer a clear returns policy

Quickmail offer an easy Returns & Exchanges (Reverse Logistics) process – we can receive returns on your behalf, add them back in to storage and ship exchanges.

We hope these tips help you with your business. You can read the full guide here. Australia Post and their eCommerce guide:

We make mailing, printing, warehousing and distribution make sense

Get ready for eCommerce success this Christmas. Quickmail have been making mailing, printing, warehousing and distribution make sense for three decades. They help eCommerce businesses to store, pack, and send their goods, as well as offer printing, mailing, and distribution services.

Check out what we have to offer and contact us to find out more.

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