How to create a direct mail campaign

With so much digital noise, you can take advantage of direct mail marketing as an underused and unsaturated method of marketing.

It will cut right through the digital noise and deliver your message to your ideal customer.

But just how do you plan a direct mail campaign?

Here are the steps you can work through to create a winning direct mail campaign.

Direct mail campaign planning and preparation  

The fact that direct mail isn’t as popular as it used to be can work to your advantage.

Here’s an overview of the common stages involved in a direct mail campaign:

1. Planning and Strategy

Before you do anything, you must define your campaign objectives.

    Do you want more sales? More traffic to your online shop? More sign-ups for your newsletter?

    Next, identify your target audience, determine your budget, and decide on the call-to-action.

    2. Creative Development

    Now, you can create the design and the copy for your direct mail piece.

    Try to use compelling copy, eye-catching graphics, and incorporate any necessary branding elements.

    You’ll also need to ensure that your direct mail piece complies with any legal or regulatory requirements, such as including a physical address or opt-out options.

    3. Printing and Production

    Once your direct mail piece is designed, you’ll need to get it printed and produced.

    Quickmail can help with all design and print management. We can offer advice on all aspects of the print and distribution process, graphic design, handling and preparation of Print Ready artwork, delivery of hard copy or electronic proofs and delivery of stock to your nominated point.

    We also have multiple C4, C5 and DLX inserting machines so you can trust Quickmail’s machine automation services for fast, reliable and unprecedented quality.

    4. Mailing List Preparation

    Your mailing list is a critical component of your direct mail campaign. In this stage, you’ll need to prepare your mailing list, which may involve cleaning and verifying the data, segmenting the list based on your target audience, and ensuring that it complies with relevant data privacy regulations.

    5. Mailing and Distribution

    Quickmail can help manage the mailout process, by distributing the direct mail campaign.

    We work closely with Australia Post to secure the best rates for your business.

    6. Tracking and Follow up

    It’s important to track and measure the performance of your campaign as well as manage responses to your direct mail campaign.

    This may involve handling inquiries, fulfilling orders or requests, and managing any customer interactions that result from your campaign. It’s important to have a system in place for tracking and managing responses to ensure that you can capitalise on the opportunities generated by your direct mail campaign.

    Use direct mail to your advantage

    Each stage of a direct mail campaign requires careful planning, coordination, and execution to ensure its success.

    By following a structured approach and paying attention to each stage’s details, you can create a comprehensive and effective direct mail campaign that delivers results for your business or organization.

    Ready to plan a successful direct mail campaign?

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