Have an Ecommerce store? Your Fulfilment Questions Answered

For those operating new and growing eCommerce businesses, there often comes a time where you’ll have to acquaint yourself with the term ‘fulfilment’.

So what exactly does fulfilment entail?

To preface it all, fulfilment refers to the process of picking and packing online orders to send to your customers. While it sounds simple enough, fulfilment is one of the areas you have to get right in order to have your business running smoothly and successfully.

This, combined with all the other tasks associated with operating your business, can equate to way more on your plate than first anticipated.

What is a fulfilment centre and how can they help?

Reputable fulfilment centres like Quickmail are entirely dedicated to the fulfilment process. By engaging a fulfilment partner, you’ll be outsourcing these important logistical processes to seasoned experts in the field.

Essentially, a fulfilment centre manages your stock from the moment an online order is processed to when it safely arrives on your customer’s doorstep. Not only are they the champions of inventory management, picking, packing and shipping, but they can also provide warehousing options at a more reasonable price – than what it would be if you had to rent self-storage units for your stock and pay staff for picking and packing.

Who packs my orders at fulfilment centres?

At Quickmail, you’ll have your orders handled and packed by our staff who are the best at what they do. Here are just handful of friendly faces on our team!

How do I know if I need a fulfilment partner?

Fulfilment for a small or growing business can prove to be a real challenge – especially without proper knowledge or systems in place. From inventory control to dispatching your orders, there are all kinds of touchpoints to consider.

Even if someone on your team is in charge of order fulfilment, the responsibility can sometimes become more than a one-person job. When you and your team are scrambling to figure it all out, that’s when you know you need the help.

If you’re still debating whether you’re ready for a fulfilment partner, here are 10 questions to ask yourself.

Why are fulfilment centres the best way to ship my products?

When shipping your products from your online store, you’ll want to opt for the quickest and most cost-efficient method possible. That’s where having a fulfilment partner kicks in.

If the location of the fulfilment centre is within reasonable proximity to your desired geographic location, this ensures a speedy delivery and perhaps even the option of next-day delivery.

It’s commonplace for your customers to have these expectations, especially if you’re a local business – meaning the advantage of quick delivery will have you standing out from the rest.

Sounds great! How much do fulfilment services typically cost?

Fulfilment costs will naturally vary depending on the size of your business, the scope of your orders and individual requirements. In short, it can be difficult to attach a ball-park figure to something so personal. In general, you will pay for items to be received into stock, a storage fee based on the number of pallets, picking and packing fee and the shipping charge.

To get your custom quote, contact the team at Quickmail today!

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