eCommerce Trends You Need to Know in 2021

eCommerce Trends You Need to Know in 2021

In 2020, we saw an unprecedented boom in eCommerce – predominantly due to the ongoing pandemic. Now, with a 5-day lockdown just announced in Western Australia, it’s become more apparent than ever that business obstacles can strike at any time.

With many forced to close their brick-and-mortar shopfronts, it’s now a necessity in 2021 to switch one’s focus to the eCommerce sphere. Whether you’re gearing up to build your online store or are looking for ways to refine your eCommerce strategy, here are the trends you need to know about this year:

#1 In-Store Experiences Made Accessible Online

An international brand that has already mastered this is EyeBuyDirect. To gain a customer’s trust, they know there’s no better way to convince a customer to purchase their stylish frames than to have them try it on themselves. Using their Virtual Try On tool, the website lets people upload a photo of their face to envision how a pair of glasses might look on them.

Another great example is Australian eyewear provider, Oscar Wylee, who up until a few years ago only had shopfronts situated in the Eastern states. To break into the interstate market, they took the leap and launched their home trial where you could order 5 frames to try on for free – all you had to do was pay for shipping and returns!

While the home trial offer ended in 2019, Oscar Wylee was able to build a loyal customer base that extended all over the country – many elated to be advocating an Australian brand as they continually returning to shop at one of their 60+ shopfront locations.! Talk about a brand embracing a trend that was ahead of their time.

Our recommendation is to create at-home experiences like DIY home kits (for those in the culinary/skincare/beauty field); by diversifying your product line this way, you can make your brand more accessible to new and existing customers. For those in other fields, offering incentives like free shipping and limited discounts may just help to retain customers who may be rethinking your services or products.

#2 Focus on Locally Made Products

With the pandemic interfering with supply chain logistics, we have all definitely experienced a delay in our international online orders at least once in the last year.

Despite this, it’s created more opportunity for our local businesses to shine as their online products are closer to home, often of a higher quality and easier to get our hands on. There’s been more support than ever for local online businesses, with Vend reporting that Victorians spent over $62 million with local businesses in November 2020 alone.

In December 2020, MYOB reported that 39% of shoppers preferred Australian brands – with 6 in 10 willing to splurge more on an Australian-made product.

Even though lockdown is now in full swing, it doesn’t mean consumer confidence has necessarily plummeted. In fact, some take it as an opportunity to browse products online in their spare time. Thus, if you aren’t already promoting your locally made products through eCommerce and social media, now’s the time to pivot your approach.

#3 Personalisation and Warmth in Brand Messaging

With that said, a friendly brand tone and personalisation universally appeals to consumers. Everyone loves receiving an email offer personally addressed to us from our favourite online store, even if we know it’s an automated process.

As a 2018 study from notes, 80% of shoppers are more inclined to purchase from a brand that offers personalised experiences – be it within an email newsletter headline or upon checkout.

It’s 2021, and customers don’t just want eCommerce brands coldly knocking on their door; they want to feel honoured and spoken to directly. As such, brands can thoroughly benefit from taking this little extra step.

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