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Bindi Nutrition – How Quickmail Has Helped My Business Grow

At Quickmail, our Fulfilment and Third Party Logistics (3PL) service provides our clients with the freedom to step away from the daily picking, packing and trips to the post office that come with running your own product based business.

With this freedom, business owners can minimise the work they do in their business and instead are able to focus their efforts towards working on their business and its growth.

A company that Quickmail is currently working with is Bindi Nutrition. Bindi Nutrition is a natural sports nutrition company based in Busselton, WA that provides natural, healthy, and Australian made nutrition solutions. The company is passionate about helping their customers be well hydrated and supported with nutrition products that have been created to help them to perform their best and stand out amongst the competition.  

We recently spoke with Dr Belinda Dennis, the CEO of Bindi Nutrition about her experience using Quickmail and how it has helped her business grow.  

As the founder of Bindi, Belinda brings over 22 years of combined experience as a Veterinary Surgeon and Scientist plus an elite sporting background (3x Ironman including Ironman World Championships) to the core of the brand. 

What initially attracted you to Quickmail?

I was introduced to Quickmail through a friend’s recommendation.  He was already utilising their services and found them to be very efficient and reliable.  I had been looking at pack and send solutions for over 18 months and had not found one that suited our needs.  I had been dispatching orders from our own headquarters in Busselton for 7 years and was quite simply overwhelmed by the process.  Quickmail was the first company for me that ticked all the boxes: WA based with Australia wide distribution, same day pack and send, immediate website integration, reasonable pricing, and most importantly genuine people running the company who care about our products and serving our customers just as much as we do. 

In approaching Quickmail, which business problem were you trying to solve?

As a regional E-commerce brand, we face a lot of challenges, and freight and distribution is a major one. Cutting down transit time and costs was the main aim.  We were also at our capacity in terms of warehouse space, staff and the time required to pack the volume of parcels we had reached. We needed a company that focussed solely on these tasks, with in-built systems that allowed us to scale without having to create the systems ourselves.

What solutions did Quickmail offer?

Utilising Quickmail has removed a significant amount of human input and therefore error in our daily processes. Logistics can be complicated! The IT systemisation and automation in terms of order processing through to completion (including tracking) allows for a greatly reduced administrative input – all valuable time taken back in our business! The live stock control is extremely helpful – rather than manual management in our own warehouse, I can simply check the Quickmail portal for an update.   Additionally, the physical ability to warehouse all our products in a centralised Perth location with room to expand has been a huge benefit to our business.

How does Quickmail continue to help you streamline your business?

At Bindi, we are very big on creating processes.  So, rather than taking more employees on within the business as we get busier, we aim to automate processes where possible.  Engaging Quickmail has been the perfect example of this – we have employed their expertise, people and their systems which allows us to focus on what’s important within Bindi – supporting our clients and growing our product range to meet their ever-expanding demands for our healthy nutrition.  Our focus in 2021 is on expansion into hydration for industrial and mining markets – something we simply could not undertake if we were still packing boxes!  Since engaging Quickmail, we have launched a new custom-built website to handle the ever increasing traffic and released three new products lines. Our biggest challenge is now keeping up with demand!  

Was there anything new you learnt about eCommerce and fulfilment thanks to Quickmail?

Delivery is always better when you’ve got Louis on your team!  

What would you say makes Quickmail stand out from the rest?

Despite all the systems and efficiencies, the standout for me at Quickmail is the people.  Systems are nothing without a smile when you deliver a pallet, a promptly returned phone call, and someone packing those boxes with care and attention – like they were sending a gift to their own customer.  Our business has changed 100% for the better since working with Quickmail!

We love helping Belinda and the Bindi Nutrition team streamline their business and through our services, provide them with the opportunity and the time to continually expand

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