Are you ready to grow your eCommerce business to the next level?

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Are you busy running your eCommerce store, responding to emails packing orders, managing stock levels, dealing with customer queries AND getting to the Post Office every day to ensure your items get shipped? Maybe it’s time to look at a fulfilment partner?

Quickmail’s guide to fulfilment partners will help you better understand how outsourcing your fulfilment and distribution needs can help you grow your business, whether that is owning and operating your own warehouse, or renting a space in a pre-established warehouse.

We don’t want your business to waste its money on expensive warehousing. This guide will go into depth of when it is appropriate to consider using a 3PL provider, and whether or not you are ready to make change the change.

With pricing, location of fulfilment centres, shipping and customer support, this guide will go in to detail of how to get a bang for your buck, and the importance of choosing a 3PL provider that is efficient in all of the above areas. It goes without saying that you want your 3PL provider to go above and beyond. Download this e-book to find out what to expect and where your money goes!

Check out the eBook here:

Fulfilment Partnership eBook