30 Years In Business – blog series: Lessons learned from running a business for 30 plus years

Celebrating anniversaries is a special tradition – and this year Quickmail is celebrating 30 years in business.

There have certainly been some amazing times during the past three decades – but also of course testing times. Challenges have been navigated, business lessons learned, and wisdom acquired. So, as our 30th-anniversary dawns, what are the lessons we’ve learned along the way?

We are excited to share our top 9 lessons learned along the way.

These lessons are important for business success, so read on!

9 lessons learned from running a business for 30 plus years

1. Everything is cyclical

Good times come and go. Bad times come and go.

But if you work hard and put one foot in front of the next in the good and bad times and you WILL keep progressing.

2. Remember to look back every so often to see how far you’ve come

Sometimes we forget to celebrate the progress we make. We get caught up in what’s coming up next, what everyone else has, or what we wish we had.

But if you actually looked back on where you were a year / 5 years / ten years ago, you’d see just how far you have come. Take time to write down your business achievements and don’t forget to include all the little things too.

Seeing your progress honestly can help you actually move forward in success.

3. Staffing can be challenging – but the good ones can be your best asset

It’s hard to keep everyone happy all the time and sometimes people won’t like the decisions you make.

Decisions must be thought out and made with the best interest of the whole company (including shareholders, management, and staff).

It’s important to remind yourself that you don’t need to be popular – but you do need to have a profitable company to be able to continue to employ people.

4. When you start a business, people will tell you that it will be hard work…

But, in fact, you’ll need to think about how hard you can work, then times it by 5 and double it!

You can never really know what lies ahead when you start a business, but one thing is certain – it will take hard work to make it a success.

This is not something to be scared of – hard work can lead to beautiful outcomes. But do be prepared for the time and emotional investement.

5. Always prioritise quality service to customers

Without customers, you have no business.

Most companies understand the need to win and retain business. How do you do this? By building a superb customer experience.

6. Be flexible

There’s a time and place to be stubborn – and a time and a place to be flexible.

Compromise when appropriate.

7. Don’t have too many irons in the fire

Having too many plans or strategies in place at the same time can leave you tired, confused, exhausted, and just sending out mixed messages.

Know what you are good at, know what you do best, and do that. You can still scale the business, and you can certainly increase your profit/market share etc simply by sticking to what you do best, and working with that.

That’s not to say don’t diversify and be ready to pivot if needed (we know this ourselves at Quickmail) but be careful not to overstretch and try too much at once.

For us at Quickmail, it has been important to provide stable employment for our staff. Growth must be sustainable to protect this.

8. Foster good relationships with the bank, clients, and suppliers

Seek to build strong relationships with customers and create an emotional connection between the customer and the brand.

And do the same with your suppliers, your bank, and your staff.

Communicate well, pay accounts on time, prioritise great customer service.

9. Trust and honesty

These are important qualities, and the backbone of all successful businesses.

You need to build trust in the community, with your customers/staff/suppliers, and build a company culture that supports the needs and opinions of the individuals involved.

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