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Wedge Australia is a manufacturer and provider of healthy and natural skincare  products for men. They use native Australian ingredients and promote healthy skincare, while building healthy formulas that will restore, protect and improve skin. They have a range of products from face washes, to moisturiser and even anti-aging kits! Before finding Quickmail, Thom, the owner of Wedge Australia, would store and ship all the products from a room in his house. It became a daunting task and he would often spend his entire morning just packaging the products instead of managing his company. Four years ago, Thom decided that enough was enough and needed to find someone to manage his storage and distribution needs. He researched Perth warehousing and distribution facilities, and found Quickmail in Kenwick. Click the image below to see Wedge Australia’s website.


To resolve Thom’s issue, Quickmail set up Wedge Australia with a account, our warehousing and distribution service which manages the ordering and shipping of products both nationally and internationally. Quickmail store, pick, pack and send his shipments quickly and easily. Our warehouse is secure and allows for a lot more stock than the old room in Thom’s house. His orders are dispatched the same day and our real-time online system allows Thom to track all his orders and inventory. This allows Thom much greater stock management capability than previously. Sarah and Shauna at Quickmail coordinate his shipments and make sure his storage area is clean, tidy and secure. Quickmail also offer postage rates better than Thom going over the counter at Australia Post.


By using Quickmail’s warehousing and distribution service, Thom has been able to save an enormous amount of money. As Quickmail store all his products in a secure warehouse, he no longer has to give up a room of his house. He also doesn’t have to pay huge real estate fees or insurance, as this is included in the secure storage system Quickmail has in place. Thom can access full reporting facilities for his orders, tracking information on all parcels and real time stock reports. By putting his products and distribution requirements in Quickmail’s hands, Thom has peace of mind about his business, especially knowing his products are safe.

Quickmail has allowed Wedge Australia to really start as a business, and grow very quickly for such a little upfront fee. This has put Wedge Australia in front of its competitors.

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