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SECFI are Property Investment Coaches who source well-researched investment properties for their members. SECFI used Lasermail for many years and transitioned to Quickmail in 2015 when we purchased Lasermail. SECFI wanted to send direct marketing material which would cut-through the ‘marketing noise’ and encourage people to contact them to find out more about their services.


SECFI Property Investment Coach, Tracy Magiatis had some ideas about the type of letter she wanted to send but needed some assistance to finalise the design. It was as simple as emailing the text to Quickmail’s Graphic Designer Roishin and she received a first draft of the letter that same day.

Quickmail then took control of the full colour printing, folding, inserting and posting of the SECFI mailer allowing the team at SECFI to get on with their busy work schedule.

“It’s easy and it’s fast. I sent through the letter copy on Monday. The designer had a draft back to me later that day. It was approved with a couple of minor changes the following day. I sent the database over and it was in the mail by Thursday afternoon. Brilliant work!”


Roishin and the Quickmail team were able to creatively design and mail a letter that was tailored to SECFI’s requirements. Before the final print run of the job, Roishin and the team did a quick print sample of the colours used for the background. The colour choice was originally a dark gold, but once black text was printed on top there was some legibility issues. Roishin went back to the document and amended the colour scheme to fix how the letter read. The SECFI team put a lot of meaning behind graphic choice and colouring, therefore it needed to match the message SECFI were sending. After a few changes, Roishin created a new proof for Tracy to look at. This new proof was approved and the printing was taken care of that same day.

Quickmail were able to take the hassle out of mailing and ensure that SECFI received the maximum postal discounts by adding a delivery barcode. This reduced postage costs to around 95 cents per item instead of $2.00 if they had mailed it themselves. That’s a huge saving! Add to this the fact that Tracy’s staff could spend their time working on their core business. You can see why they chose to outsource to Quickmail.

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