SAFESTYLE is an Australian designer and provider of Safety eyewear. Safestyle prides themselves on being one of the first companies to put “safety” and “style” in the same sentence. This sophisticated protective eyewear has certified medium impact with UV400 99.95% UV protection, that is comfortable and come in a range of different colours and styles.

With the increasing number of workers who are left compromising their own safety by avoiding the very eyewear supposedly meant to protect them due to how uncool they feel, Tim, the owner of Safesyle, had a simple vision. His fashionable eye took charge in the effort to replace the usual “speed dealer” tradie sunglasses, into something much sleeker and stylish.  Safestyle are the first Safety glasses that don’t look or even feel like “safety glasses”; Who ever said fashion is pain? All the protection, none of the discomfort.

Despite Tim’s revolutionary idea, he had difficulty in getting all the jobs done in order to increase sales. Being a full-time tradie, Tim found it difficult to find the time to not only market his product to consumers, but struggled to find the time to package and ship his orders. 4 months ago, Tim decided it was time to outsource the fulfilment and distribution of his products in order to maximise sales. He researched Perth warehousing and distribution facilities, and found Quickmail in Kenwick.

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To help Tim, Quickmail set up Safestyle with a account; our warehousing and distribution service which manages the picking and shipping of products both nationally and internationally. Quickmail store, pick, pack and send his orders quickly and efficiently. Tim now stores Safestyle products in the safety of our warehouse. His orders are dispatched the same day, and our real time online system allows Tim to track all his orders and inventory. Quickmail’s service allows Tim to send more stock due to our efficient stock management capabilities. Quickmail pride themselves on maintaining the cleanliness and organisation of Safestyle’s storage area. is a Shopify partner e-Commerce store and Quickmail (a Shopify partner) has built an API which automatically sends orders through This means that there is no manual typing of data and that orders can be picked and packed in minutes after a client pays for the order. The API also sends the tracking number back to Tim’s SafeStyle store, meaning his customers get accurate and timely information on where their order is. It also updates inventory in and Tim’s Shopify store so he can always know exactly what stock he has on hand.


By using Quickmail’s warehousing and distribution service, Tim has been able to save his time in picking and packing orders, not to mention the time saved from not having to drive to the Post Office every day. He is now able to focus his energy on marketing and developing new products for his business.

As part of Quickmail’s secure storage system, Tim does not have to pay any additional real estate or insurance fee’s. Tim has access to full reporting facilities for his orders, tracking information on all parcels and real time stock reports. Tim is now also saving money using Quickmail’s fulfilment and distribution service due to our contract rates with Australia Post, which we are able to pass on to our clients.

By putting his products and distribution in Quickmail’s hands, Tim now has peace of mind about his business. In fact, he’s soaking up the Balinese sun as we speak! It is a pleasure doing business with Tim!

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