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NJ Bennett & Associates specialises in Customer Relationship Marketing. They help businesses that don’t have the time or resources to implement and manage their customer marketing programs. Their services include analysing customer audits, CRM strategy development, day to-day-management and detailed reporting on the effectiveness of CRM programs. Nick Bennett works with retailers who have large customer bases, high transaction volumes and who sell products that attract repeat purchases. To find out more about NJ Bennett & Associates’ services, click the image below.

When Quickmail purchased Lasermail in mid 2015, Nick met with our sales and production team to work out how we could continue to best assist him. Being an innovator, Nick was interested in understanding the full capacity that Quickmail could provide around intelligent data utilisation (multi-channel marketing distribution). Nick needed to be able to send emails, SMS’ and hard copy mailers depending on his client and how they wished to communicate with their customer.


We communicated directly with Nick to make sure he was up to date with the most relevant technology services in communication. The team at Quickmail set Nick up with an easily accessible email and SMS marketing tool. Our team has designed a set of emails and SMS’ for a multi-awarded motorcycle dealership which can be sent as reminders, special offers and welcome or thank you messages.

This system called Quickmail Link, can be set up to automatically send messages based on trigger points in the customer cycle (welcoming a new customer, reminding a customer for a service or appointment). Our experienced designer has been able to set up eye catching email messages which increase customer engagement. This platform allows the motorcycle dealership to improve their customer relationships and loyalty.


By combining Quickmail Link for email and SMS with traditional mail services such as plastic wrap and direct mail, Nick has been able to promote sales events and other important information for clients’ customers. From this experience, NJ Bennett & Associates and the motorcycle dealership can access immediate reporting on email and SMS sends, as well as keep in touch with customers and offer up to date specials and discounts.

This data collected allows for follow-up messages or phonecalls, building a strong rapport with the client and their customers.

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