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Born in Western Australia in 1949, Leon spent his formative years in the outback town of Meekatharra. His great love for the outback shows clearly in his work and his imaginary town of Widjimorphup features prominently. The spirit of “Widji” emerges throughout Pericles’ work and using its myths he distils the essence of the Australian bush, all imbued with the whimsy and enchantment which are his trademark. In 1989 the  Art Gallery of Western Australian curated a retrospective exhibition of his prints entitled ’20 Years of Printmaking”. An exhibition of Pericles’ work toured Australia in 2002 and 2003. His work is held in numerous public and private collections.

A fascination for the old and beautiful will find Leon in auction rooms and antiquarian book shops pursuing interesting objects d’art. Music is an intrinsic part of his life, which is punctuated by activities such as windsurfing, diving, or tending his exquisite garden. Whenever possible, the Pericles family travel – often to far-flung favourite camping spots or to exhibitions in other parts of the world .

Leon is acclaimed nationally and internationally and has held many solo exhibitions throughout Australia and overseas since 1969. His work is held in numerous major public and private collections. His witty and unique views of Australia, combined with his outstanding talent have earned him the reputation of being one of Australia’s most prominent artists.

Years on, accompanying the largest art retrospective in Western Australia, comes a 400-page illustrated book celebrating the distinguished career of artist Leon Pericles.

 Traversing more than five decades, the publication includes the artworks and details from Pericles’ childhood, art school years, key exhibitions and his career-defining moments. For the first time, this book brings together every etching Pericles has produced over his 50 year career, making it a unique and collectable record for any admirer of his work.

The art book takes us on a chronological journey from 1968 through to the present looking at Leon’s work and his life with wife and business partner Moira.

With cover artwork created by Pericles, the book is an artwork in itself and features quotes from some of Australia’s most well-respected personalities including Tim Minchin, Hon Julie Bishop and Ita Buttrose.

The foreword is written by Professor Ted Snell, Director Cultural Institute UWA and the introduction by Hon Peter Foss QC Arts Minister WA 1993—2001.

Just Scratching The Surface : Leon Pericles 50 Year Retrospective: $100.00

To find out more about Leon Pericles – head to: https://leonpericles.com.au/


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