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Act-Belong-Commit is a unique, mental health promotion campaign run by Mentally Healthy WA.  Their aim is to increase individual and community wellbeing by increasing and strengthening connections between community members.  Using a community- based social marketing model they run a number of different programs including Youth Connectors, Mentally Healthy Schools Program and the Aboriginal Standing Strong Together program.

Act-Belong-Commit aims to change attitudes towards mental health and reducing stigma towards mental illness by encouraging people to be more open about mental health issues and inspiring people to engage in activities that strengthen their mental well-being.

Act-Belong-Commit offers support to events and organisations as well as individuals through the use of a variety of resources; from online guides to flyers, merchandise and event signage. These items can be ordered from their website and are provided in the form of sponsorship for participating events.

Act-Belong-Commit has a small team of dedicated individuals and while they work very efficiently, they found that the sheer number of resources being sent out to WA communities for events and the promotion of their important messages was taking up valuable man-hours.  The items requested from community groups were also spread over numerous locations due to restrictions on space, further impacting the time taken to process orders and send out items.  A number of these are also loan items; meaning they needed to be processed out and back in to stock all whilst ensuring they are kept in a useable condition.

Act-Belong-Commit aspire to continue building their brand and to have their loan items processed in a fast and reliable way.  A member of the Act-Belong-Commit team had worked with Quickmail previously with their not-for-profit government department and suggested they investigate our services.

“Keeping mentally healthy is just as important as staying physically healthy”


To help Act-Belong-Commit, Quickmail set them up with a account; our warehousing and distribution service which manages the picking and shipping of all their brochures and promotional products which are distributed across Western Australia.

To further assist Act-Belong-Commit, Quickmail designed and built a “loan system” which accepts orders for loan items such as marquees, signage and banners; this system tracks items out on loan, or due to be loaned and sends emails to borrowers as reminders to return them. The system easily reserves items in advance, and tracks current availability, meaning an item will never be double booked.

The team at Act-Belong-Commit have full visibility of these loan items as well as all merchandise orders through and can access valuable information, such as stock levels for reordering, who has loan items, when they’re due back, and which products are the most popular.


Quickmail now manages all Act-Belong-Commit’s orders, which removes packing, posting, booking couriers and processing returned loans (along with all the paperwork that comes with it) from their schedule. Act-Belong-Commit has been able to save approximately 10 hours a week of staff member time, freeing them up to complete other vital tasks for the organisation.  They no longer require storage in their office space and merchandise and loan orders happen seamlessly. These regained resources allow them to focus on new endeavours and drive the future direction of their company.

“Thank you so much for working so hard to help Act-Belong-Commit with such a large project this year. You have enabled us to spend more time in the community and we are very happy to have been supported by such a fantastic team!”

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Act Belong Commit's event loan items set up at Elizabeth Quay
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