Why You Should Advertise Using Letterbox Drops

It’s no surprise that letterbox drops are a useful method of reaching new and potential customers. If you find yourself questioning this statement… think back to the last time you redeemed an offer from a mailed coupon or learnt of a special promotion from a local business!

Above all, letterbox drops allow you to target people in a specific area in an incredibly cost-effective way. Let us explain:

What is Unaddressed Mail?

Letterbox drops, also known as unaddressed mail, refer to mail delivered through the Australia Post network without a delivery address. Unlike normal catalogue distribution, mail of this kind gets delivered alongside household bills and letters.

From flyers and brochures to catalogues, millions of copies of marketing material are sent out to prospective customers around Australia every day.

The Advantages of Unaddressed Mail

Unbeknownst to most, unaddressed mail is actually the lowest cost mail service available!

Apart from its cost-effectiveness,unaddressed mail is best known for its powerful ability to target localities or postcodes – and more specifically, businesses and residential addresses. In fact, unaddressed mail can reach up to 10.9 million households and business delivery points throughout the country

Moreover, its high reach is another reason as to why you should opt to send unaddressed mail. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an accounting company, real estate agency or neighbourhood takeaway shop – your business will always benefit from the exposure that unaddressed mail provides.

Aside from a B2C perspective, sending unaddressed email presents itself as a great opportunity to grow your business B2B. The unaddressed mail service also lets you exclusively target businesses anywhere in Australia.

The most amazing part is that you can convert people into customers without even needing their contact details!

How to Send Unaddressed Mail

While you are able to lodge your own unaddressed mail with your own Australia Post business account, it can be complicated especially if you don’t have the proper knowledge.

Thankfully, Australia Post Bulk Mail Partners such as Quickmail are here to simplify the process. With nearly 30 years of experience under our belt, we have the expertise to ensure all the factors of sending unaddressed mail are readily considered.

As with all mail, the size and weight directly affects the postal rate. Quickmail, however, can offer better postal rates based on volume – while helping you adhere to any design and shape restrictions outlined by Australia Post.

To get started, all you have to do is download our guide and begin following the checklist of steps!

Need A Hand?

If you would like to learn more about unaddressed mail and how Quickmail can best serve you, don’t hesitate to reach out today. Simply ring us on (08) 9493 0477 or enquire via email, and one of our team members will get in touch with you shortly.

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