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A new life on a different planet, when everything changes. This group of people are 62% more likely to have a specific place in the home where they keep letters. These people are practical and focused on their parental roles, so content is generally more important than design.


Young Families are great responders to mail. The first stages of parenthood are a time of great change. Mailers whose communications show they understand this will reap benefits.



Young families are family focused, enthusiastic and open to new brands
  • – New life brings new needs, responsibilities and relationships with both companies and public sector organisations such as health and local government.
  • – Mail that informs and guides is welcomed and acted on.
  • – 30% bought or ordered in response to addressed mail, and are the most likely group to use a tablet or mobile to do so.

“These were sent to me by Boots in an envelope referring to my daughter’s upcoming 1st birthday so I decided to open it. It contained a voucher for a free photo book, which I have been on to the Boots website and used to order the book. I have kept the items below because I think they will be very useful as they contain information regarding child nutrition and food ideas for my one-year-old. I will place them inside of one of my cupboards in the kitchen for easy reference.”

Leanne, mother of one, Young Family

Time and money are often in short supply
  • – Clear value benefits are highly appreciated as time is short, children are expensive, and income may be limited.
  • – Functional, clear content should take priority in messaging in most cases: avoid heavy handed design or long-winded copy.
  • – When there is a chance to relax, an inspiring, aspirational item can be warmly welcomed.

“It’s an association [Lakeland catalogue]. It means a cup of tea and 10 minutes for me. Flicking through something that’s pretty to look at…”

Sarah, mother of three

Digital communication is central to their lives – to the benefit of mail
  • – Just under half of Young families (45%) say they could not live without the internet on their mobile phone (index 152).
  • – Design the response journey with intuitive, digital response channels top of mind.







Source: The Life Stages of Mail, 2016

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