The 7 Life Stages of Mail: Older Retirees

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Experienced, discerning and unimpressed by over-claims. This audience will save relevant offers and information which can be shared with others. 72% of this group like receiving mail is the content is relevant.

Older Retirees are engaged with relevant addressed and unaddressed mail, and may also influence friends and family in other life stages, as well as those in the same cohort.

  • – Almost 75% of Older Retirees (36% more than the norm) agree printed copies of important documents help them feel in control of their lives.
  • – This positive feeling towards print includes both addressed and unaddressed mail; they are more likely than the norm to say they appreciate door drops from local authority organisations.
Values – as well as good value – are important to them
  • – Static (and limited) income means discounts are appreciated; but it will be even more appreciated if it resonates with their world view.
  • – They spend an average of 21 minutes per day on mail – highest of any group.
  • – Longer copy works as does sticking with traditional rules of grammar.
Relevant mail can be saved, savoured and shared
  • – They use mail to manage and benefit their own lives, and as a communal reference point – for example, with friends and family.
  • – They may share mail, either to get advice or to engage others. One female respondent noted she kept cruise brochures to show and discuss with others possible holiday destinations.
  • – They manage and keep their mail for later reference.
Traditional response methods to purchase are favoured, but many are digitally capable
  • – At 14% for phone and 16% for post, Older Retirees are more likely than other life stage groups to purchase from addressed mail using traditional methods.
  • – However, 15% said they also responded digitally via a PC.
  • – Postal and phone response mechanics should be highlighted and made easy, but do not exclude the possibility of digital responses, especially as Empty Nesters move into this life stage.


Source: The Life Stages of Mail, 2016


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