The 7 Life Stages of Mail: Fledgings

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Fledging quote

The “selfie generation” – friends, fashion, fun and the future. This group of people are 32% more likely to trust information in print compared to digital.


Target younger audiences using mail as its relatively new to them, cutting past all the digital streams. Fledglings read, engage with and respond to mail, as they don’t receive much!


Fledgings are feeling their way in the world, conscious of their identities and social status
  • – They notice how brands present themselves: Almost half (47.8%) agree that “The quality of printing and material in a piece of mail tells me something about the organisation that has sent it”.
  • – They are conscious of how brand choices and sharing brand material with friends reflects on them.
  • – They are 32% more likely to say they “Trust information in print more than information on the internet”.
Mail engages and stimulates
  • – Because so much of their communication is digital, mail engages Fledglings. They look at the mail format, creative idea and core proposition closely because it is unfamiliar.
  • – Almost four in ten Fledglings (38%) agree they are “More likely to look at mail printed on high quality materials”.
  • – They are 18% more likely than the sample average to “Welcome mail and find it memorable”.
For fledglings, mail and digital go together

Fledgling respondent Daniel kept a week-long diary. During that time, he:

  • – Responded to a statement mailing from his bank by app, and then filed the statement;
  • – Shared a retailer catalogue with friends from his football team, and went online to buy kit for the team;
  • – Redeemed paper restaurant vouchers that arrived via a door drop.
Source: The Life Stages of Mail, 2016
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