Some of us really do suffer Mondayitis!


Lacking that Monday productivity vibe? Here’s some tips to make your day more productive.

While there is no magic switch to turn your productivity on in the morning, there are a few quick motivation exercises you can do to kickstart a productive day.

    1. Get up early.
      Being an early riser generally allows for more success, more proactivity, better plans and being better at anticipating problems. Being up early gives you more time to work, but is beneficial in other ways too. You’ll be giving yourself time to eat a healthy breakfast, maybe fit in a workout or do an activity thats not work related. You’ll soon notice there is less rushing around in your day.


    1. Eating a good breakfast.
      Many studies have shown that people with healthy diets are more like to have high job performance and be more productive. It is difficult to concentrate if you’re not at your best. Start your day off right with a healthy, nutritious breakfast.


    1. Optimise your alarm clock tone.
      The right wake-up call can truly set the tone for your whole day. Remove the traditional bleeping alarm and put something on that suits the mood you’d like to wake up in.


    1. Exercise is good for you.
      Exercising will increase the productive of serotonin and dopamine. They are neurotransmitters that decrease the risk of depression and improve your mood and your long-term memory. Exercising in the morning will force you to wake up earlier but give you a natural mood-booster and increase your energy.


    1. Ask yourself “why?”
      To boost your self-motivation and keep yourself going, remind yourself of why you got into this job and what you want out of it. It is important to easily remember and remind yourself what drives you to be great at your job.


    1. Remind yourself of your wins.
      You’re good at what you do! A list of wins and losses may help you to see what you’ve accomplished, especially when you feel like you’re having a bad day.


    1. Do something that makes you happy.
      Did you know we work better at work when we’re happy in our personal lives? If you set some time aside every morning to do something you enjoy, even just something small, you’ll see it pay off in your work efforts.


Some other handy tips for you:
– Plan the night before. Make sure your day is organised before it arrives.
– Try a little meditation if you’re willing to stimulate the brain in a deep and thoughtful way. Clear your mind of distractions.
– Schedule your appointments in the morning.