Loan Items Management System

At Quickmail, we are all about supporting our customers to work smarter and save them time and resources.

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If you’re working in an organisation that sends items out on loan and you are finding that dealing with the hassles of arranging couriers for delivery and pickup, as well as following up customers when they don’t send items back is becoming a headache then perhaps it’s time to consider outsourcing these tasks to a fulfilment partner?

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Quickmail recently designed and built a “Loan Items Management System” which accepts orders for loan items such as marquees, signage and banners- the system tracks items out on loan, or due to be loaned and sends emails to borrowers as reminders to return them. The system easily reserves items in advance, and tracks current availability, meaning an item will never be double booked. 

Quickmail Loan Items System can handle any types of loaned equipment

Quickmail can look after everything; relocating your loan items to our warehouse, checking their condition, couriering them to your customers, ensuring they come back in a timely manner, and we are happy to discuss any special requirements.  You can utilise this system as a stand-alone item, or we can assist with sending out merchandise also.

Our customers agree that the ease and time saving is well worth the move to Quickmail;

“Thank you so much for working so hard to help Act-Belong-Commit with such a large project this year. You have enabled us to spend more time in the community and we are very happy to have been supported by such a fantastic team!”

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