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How to use Addressed Mail as part of your business marketing strategy

You’ve got mail…. Despite the rise in electronic communications (emails, text, social media etc), addressed snail mail is still ridiculously popular.

Australian households actually enjoy receiving mail – and while it might seem old fashioned, it is actually a really valuable (and cost-effective marketing tool).

Reaching your audience

Even if you only get a response from 1 percent of the mail out, from a campaign of say, 10,000 pieces, that’s still 100 new customers or leads.

However, the more targeted your approach and strategy, the better!

Consider these tips:

  • Do you only need to target households in a specific post code?

This is great for local, physical businesses. No point mailing to people in another state if you are a local hairdresser.

  • Do you want to target a particular demographic?

You can purchase lists that have been streamlined to filter out unnecessary contacts. Data manipulation can really help you get more bang for your buck.

  • Think about if there a particular call to action you want to include?

Prompt the reader to do what you need them to do with a strong CTA (do you want them to call you? Email? Sign up to something?)

  • Create engaging copy to make people read on.

Think about what your audience really wants to know? Do they want to know you won an award a decade ago – or do they want to know how quickly you can come out and fix their car / ship the jumper they just bought? If you can craft a targeted and meaningful message, it will get looked at. Consider hiring a copywriter to help you nail your message.

Mail fulfillment services

At QuickMail, we can help ensure you are mailing to a clean database which reduces costs and retains your customers. We can also merge contacts who live in the same household. Our return mail service increases savings further by supplying a datafile of returned mail pieces.

You can also ask us about our magazine and publication processing, addressing, and distribution services. Quickmail’s plastic wrap machine can process up to 200 magazines a minute and insert up to five additional items, including flysheets. This means your job is processed quickly, on time, and cost-effectively. Inserting leaflets and samples into magazines cannot always be completed by machine. This is when your business can utilise our experienced hand line team. Our team can quickly and efficiently insert and manually handle any type of job.

As an added bonus, if you send newsletters, magazines, or publications more than twice a year you can apply for a Print Post number. This number will attract discounted postal rates if you have more than 100 mail pieces. For other items, Quickmail can advise on the best postal solution to maximise the postal discount. Quickmail are experts at achieving this postal discount and maximising savings wherever possible.

Manage your mailout campaigns

With Quickmail Manager, sending mail has never been easier. This special web-to-print platform called Quickmail Manage allows clients who send regular mailouts to upload lists, create dynamic documents, and order jobs instantly.

We can help

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