Get Innovative: Get Direct

Direct Mail Marketing For You


Marketing is about helping people get what they want from you. Direct Mail Marketing is a big business because it works! More money each year is spent on direct mail than any other media and advances in technology mean that mail for the modern world isn’t just a letter in an envelope anymore!

What is Direct Mail?
Direct Mail is a targeted, personal method of advertising and promoting your product or service. It is a strategically tailored way of mailing that delivers a message directly to prospective customers.

Why does Direct Mail work?
Direct Mail is a powerful marketing tool. It provides an opportunity for you as the marketer to deliver your message to a targeted audience directly, consistently and fast. It’s efficient, cost effective and works while you don’t have to. No other media allows you to pin point your market so exactly, deliver a message with precision and gain immediate response with traceability you can trust. A proven method of building and refining your customer database, Direct Mail gets one-on-one attention and for all these reasons, it remains King of the marketing mediums.

How can I use Direct Mail?
Your Direct Mail campaign can be in the form of a reminder, a postcard, a promotion, a catalogue, notification of new products and services, delivery of a newsletter or as a tool to generate website traffic.

Get creative!
Aside from personally addressing the envelope, utilise your database creatively. Personalise the mail piece itself using Variable Data Printing (VDP). VDP Allows the ability to product targeted messages for each individual using data supplied to the printer. Depending on the amount of data you have available you could also include different images for different audiences. Personalised Direct Mail also gives the customer a physical reminder of your offer to them.

Make an impact!
Make people take notice of your direct mail piece. With impact mail you can send almost any shape or design!  Think about a postcard cut out into the shape of your logo or product. This will catch the attention of your reader quicker than a standard envelope.

What makes a successful Direct Mail campaign?

  • – Always advertise to your existing customers first and know who your best prospects are
  • – Define your customer well, the more specific you can be with your mailing, the better the results
  • – Be prepared to test your campaign, track the response, fine tune the mail piece and then mail it again. It may take a few tries, but once you find the right formula, response rates can be very predictable
  • – Be in control of your message, the timing, the frequency and the costs. Don’t commit to a campaign that requires resources that stretch your organisation and regulate your activity according to your budget.

Research shows that Direct Mail marketing is extremely effective so expand your database, build stronger customer relations and keep marketing spend down while bringing your revenue right up. Speak with Quickmail today about how Direct Mail can be used in your business.