Charity Mail Updates – October 9th 2014

With the latest Australia Post update comes changes to the Charity Mail letter service. These changes include delivery time tables, the addition of a large letter category and price updates.

New Large Letter Category

Charity mail customers now have access to discounted postal rates for large letters. Charity mail customers who are currently using pre-sort large can move to this letter service for additional discounts. The large letter category includes letters that are smaller than 260x360mm, under 125g and less than 20mm thick.


Delivery Timetables

During the updates to business letter services in March this year, a new priority timetable was introduced. This faster service is only available to small letters whilst large and medium remain exclusively on the regular timetable.


Price Changes

After consultation with the industry in March this year, the price of Charity Mail has increased by 3% for the regular service and 5% for the priority service. Pricing for each letter will vary depending on the sort level and destination. However, below is a comparison between the new and old pricing. Please speak with us to obtain more accurate prices based on contract rates.


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