Social Media Strategies

Social Media

To help you choose from the hundreds of social media sites available, we’ve researched into the top sites and looked into the reasoning behind why a certain site could work for your business!  (more…)

Use Promo Post during an election


Using Promo Post during an election is a cost effective way for candidates to send bulk volumes of addressed promotional mail within Australia.


Do you know how to #hashtag?


Do you know the hashtag etiquette?


Print marketing wins over social media!


What would you trust more? Something printed and delivered to you, or something sent over the web?


Print and Digital, it’s meant to be!

Heart venn

You would have heard the sayings that “print is dead” and that “digital marketing is a fad.”



Make your event a SUCCESS with Quickmail

It is hard work to put together a successful event. We would like to offer our services to you in preparing your event.



Quickmail supports new not-for-profit organisation, Mind Mates with branding and logo design

Quickmail launches an exciting online mail and print store!

CRASH COURSE: How to proof for mailing

Proofing is a crucial part of sending artwork to print. The same goes for mailing however, addressing, data files and variable data can make proofing more complex. Follow these easy steps the next time you proof a mailing document to help you pick up on those nasty mistakes.