Our Top 5 Tips For Election Mail

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The 2021 Western Australian state election is 2 months away – so if you’re a candidate promoting yourself to your electorate, it’s more crucial than ever to prepare your election mail strategy.

Above all, you’ll want to stay top of mind by sending your message with the right medium. In saying that, here are our top 5 tips for effective direct mail communications:

#1 Select your mailing method

When it comes to mailing methods, there are two main types:

  • Addressed Mail – This type of mail which is specifically sent out with a voter’s name on it. While more costly and time-consuming, it builds more trust with your audience while getting all important information across.
  • Unaddressed Mail – As its name suggests, unaddressed mail refers to mail sent to voters in specific suburbs. As no specific addresses are targeted, this method is more cost-efficient.

#2 Master plan your mail program

Organisation is everything! Define your target audience and segment them accordingly. This would refer to suburbs for unaddressed mail, and targeted lists for addressed mail.

Secondly, you need to decide how many pieces will be sent out and when. You can create a schedule by making your backwards from the election date – keeping in mind that direct mail generally has a shelf life of 5 days. Repetition and reinforcement is key, so consider sending multiple pieces to voters with the same message, but presented in a new creative way each time.

#3 Optimise your mail layout

The design of your mail pieces needs to be clean, concise and engaging. You only have a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention. The general guidelines to follow include:

  • Sizing – DL postcards, A4 flyers and A5 flyers
  • Use of photos and graphics – to convey information quicker in a more appealing way
  • Use of an effective headline
  • Consistent font choice
  • Font size – no smaller than 12pt
  • Required details – such as disclaimer information and contact details like your website, phone and email address
  • A resounding call-to-action

#4 Keep on schedule

Timing is an equally important factor as anything in your campaign.

As the period before election day begins to rolls around, your mail should already be making its way across voters’ letterboxes. Refer to your schedule and consider printing overruns if necessary.

Either way, the right timing ensures your mail pieces don’t get lost amongst other mail. If you are opting for unaddressed mail, there are timelines and lodgement dates you need to be aware of – which you will need to consult your mail house about.

#5 Staying on top of costs

One of the pitfalls of your election mail strategy may be forgetting to get a full grasp on costs. To stay on budget, we recommend larger print runs which would in turn lower prices. Some mail houses may also be able to reduced postage rates; all you have to do is ask.

Lastly, even if you are confident with your finalised mail piece, be sure to fact check and proofread it a million times over! Getting a fresh set of eyes to approve your copy is key – so you don’t run the risk of letting careless mistakes go to print. The difference between one word can jeopardise your entire campaign, so take heed!

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Why Postcards are a direct mail option that works

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In devising any marketing strategy, an integrated and well-rounded approach is essential to help your business achieve exposure – and direct mail marketing is no exception!

Contrary to popular belief, print mail is not going out of fashion anytime soon. As a traditional form of communication and advertising, print mail such as postcards has been in use for many centuries. Due to their effective nature, postcards remain a great way to reach out to your target audience – especially when used in conjunction with other marketing tools.

They Are Convenient & Versatile

When concise and well-designed, direct mail such as postcards are a great way to convey your message to a large audience in a short amount of time.

Postcards can be sent for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Promoting existing products and/or services
  • Offering information on discounts, sales and specials
  • Providing valuable tips or items such as calendars or recipes
  • Making formal announcements such as the introduction of a new product
  • Distributing product samples

They Are Effective & Attention-Grabbing  

While digital advertising has quickly taken over in the last decade, its effects can start to grow cold on current and prospective customers. Every single day, we are bombarded by online ads, emails and other digital marketing messages on our devices. With our attention spans getting increasingly shorter, the need for our senses to be stimulated becomes more apparent.

Think about the last time you received a postcard that was delivered right to your door or mailbox. Even if for a few seconds, postcards can quickly grab your attention while conveying its message in a short amount of time.

Moreover, having a professionally made postcard physically in your hands makes much more of a resounding impression –  especially if it holds some creative flair. Your recipients will be sure to you recognise the sheer effort and thought put into its design.

They Facilitate Conversion Rates

For businesses who include postcards as part of their marketing collateral, they often hold an advantage over those who do not. According to a study by Data & Marketing Analytics, 52.5% recipients claimed that they take the time to read a postcard – in comparison to letter-size envelopes which are only opened a third of the time.

From there, an engaging postcard can motivate buyers to take the next course of action such as visiting a business’ website or making a phone enquiry. In turn, postcards can stand to drive website traffic or sales leads that are instrumental to the success of your business.

As such, investing in business postcards is none other than a strategic step! In doing so, you can ensure that you are covering all touchpoints in a customer’s journey.

Quickmail – Fulfilling Your Print Mail Needs

Thinking of creating a personalised postcard to promote your business? Quickmail is proud to offer you a full range of graphic design and print options, on top of our top-tier mailing services.

Not to mention, with our competitive pricing, we’re here to help you get the most out of print mail services. To find out more, we’re only a call or email away!

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How important is the envelope?

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If you want your direct mail piece to be opened, it is important to be strategic in your approach. If your audience is not moved to open the envelope, you don’t get to talk to them.

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4 Reasons to Use Direct Mail

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There are some great statistics around that you should consider before deciding that direct mail is dead. Response rate is great, but what about ROI? Here are 4 reasons to move forward and implement some direct mail marketing in your strategy.

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5 Considerations in Designing a Direct Mail Piece

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Direct Mail is a great way to win more customers and encourage existing customers to increase their average spend value. It is important to consider your design and format when preparing your mail piece.

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Should you switch from Email Marketing to Direct Mail Marketing?

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The world of marketing evolved from direct marketing to email marketing when the internet became the fashion and people began to favour typing over handwriting. Instant communication has become so natural that a letter taking a week to reach its destination feels like forever! However, society has come one full cycle, and emails have started taking diversions from their destinations and have started landing in ‘Spam’ folders. That leads us to the question – should you switch from email marketing to direct mail marketing? Here are three reasons why you probably should!


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The New Catalogue

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In an age of digital distraction and ever-shorter consumer attention spans, the catalogue is re-emerging as a powerful way to engage customers to interact with brands on a deeper level—and it’s not in the traditional format you expect. It’s smarter, smaller, and less expensive to produce. It can deliver big impact by supporting digital experiences while still giving your customers the physical, tactile experience they crave in the virtual world. Experiences that can help your brand cut through all the digital clutter and stand out from the crowd.


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Bulk Mail Partner Program

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The Bulk Mail Partner (BMP) program is a recognition scheme designed by Australia Post (AP) in conjunction with the Major Mail Users of Australia (MMUA).


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The Humble Letterbox

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In an era of high speed digital communication, we are all involuntarily subjected to a constant barrage of information.  As a business it’s difficult to make yourself heard among the screaming masses, so why not whisper directly into your customer’s ear… (more…)

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Get Innovative: Get Direct

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Direct Mail Marketing For You


Marketing is about helping people get what they want from you. Direct Mail Marketing is a big business because it works! More money each year is spent on direct mail than any other media and advances in technology mean that mail for the modern world isn’t just a letter in an envelope anymore!

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