4 benefits of sending your newsletter with a print & email combo

Like many businesses, you may be thinking about how to change your print newsletter to an email version. But have you considered if an email only newsletter will exclude some of your subscribers?


Email is hands down a cheaper way to communicate with customers, however moving your entire list to email neglects subscribers who don’t have an email address or who prefer print. There is a way to keep your readership strong and still reduce your mailing costs. Use a print and email combination.


A print and mail combo is simply mailing print newsletters to subscribers who prefer print, and emailing newsletter to those who prefer email. Here are some of the benefits of this strategy –


No one is excluded from your newsletter.

By moving your entire subscriber list to email, you have automatically diminished your readership numbers. 100% email will exclude your subscribers who do not have an email address or who prefer print. This is especially common for publications who have a wide demographic range of readers, or readers who are located in rural or regional areas and have limited access to internet.


The choice of communication channel is theirs.

Although some of your readers might be regional, they still might have a high speed internet connection. Giving the choice of email or print to your readers will give you a better chance of reaching them successfully.


Save on your mailing costs.

Email is fast becoming the first choice when it comes to receiving information. Many of your readers will opt for email over a printed version, and this will reduce the number of printed copies and the total cost of your mail out.


Centralise your distribution.

By centralising your email and print distribution everything will work like clockwork. Quickmail can deliver all types of business communications including direct mail and email distribution.


If you’re thinking about email marketing, download our free email planning template to help you get started.


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