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In an era of high speed digital communication, we are all involuntarily subjected to a constant barrage of information.  As a business it’s difficult to make yourself heard among the screaming masses, so why not whisper directly into your customer’s ear…


Traditional Mail is still one of the most productive marketing communications vehicles in the world. Even with the rise of email, social media, mobile phone technology and other electronic transmissions of correspondence, the Humble Letter Box continues to be significantly important for business communications.

Getting Personal

Addressed Mail allows you to speak one-to-one with your potential customer and engage them completely. Traditionally, Mail has always been characterised by a greater level of thoughtfulness, patience, and careful consideration and with the ability to personally interact with a recipient, Mail sets itself apart from the rest.


Put Your Brand into Your Consumers’ Hand

A constant barrage of pop up ads, uninvited email or irritating tweets is enough for anyone to hastily click the ‘unsubscribe’ link or issue an immediate ‘unlike’. So the fact that Mail is a voluntary process that necessarily involves its recipients to proactively open and read means that they have ‘agreed’ in their minds to be exposed to your brand.


Mail makes it’s recipients feel valued as willing participants of the process. They feel empowered as they read your mailing at their leisure, choosing the time, place and pace at which they read, which also means that your consumers are in the best possible frame of mind when receiving your message.



Mail is durable. It enters peoples’ homes and can spend a long time there serving as a persistent reminder of your offer or message. It may be that people want to keep your business phone number handy or they need time to consider purchasing a product. Either way, the durability and longevity of mail allows for greater brand intensity and the opportunity to communicate for longer not just with recipients but with others entering and living in the house.


Being a tangible, three-dimensional form of communication, limitations of what you can deliver using Mail are only restricted by budget. But, even the simplest forms of Mail will put a brand’s logo, look, feel and spirit into people’s homes, and keep them there for a long time.


Mail allows an infinite variety of formats and messages; you can find mailing lists in almost any consumer or business category and its a personal, powerful medium that is ideal for persuasive selling.

There are also fantastic personalisation technologies available today that can take your addressed mail to the next level.


Ultimate Brand Awareness

Mail is a one-to-one medium that’s seen as a personal representation of a brand. It increases both brand awareness and brand affinity, is a primary source of customer relationship development and as a result, is the most responsive advertising medium.


Unique and powerful, the humble letter box is one of the last bastions of the old world and although its uses have changed over the years it is still a valuable system that continues to be the main means of communication for many people.

Besides, a physical, personally addressed mail piece that patiently waits for its recipient to take the time and care to read it, is much more effective than a flash on a computer screen dangerously close to that deadly ‘delete’ button.


If you would like to know more about the benefits of mail for your business, contact Michelle or call 08 9493 0477.

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Everyday, someone in Australia suffers a spinal cord injury. From workplace incidences, to road and water accidents or extreme sports, the event of permanent paralysis is always unexpected and frequently preventable.

PBF Australia (The Paraplegic Benefit Fund) was established to create greater awareness of these risks, with the aim of reducing the impact and incidence of spinal cord injury in Australia. Quickmail are proud to be members of Paraplegic Benefit Fund Australia.

Yesterday Quickmail had a presentation from Symon and Katie. On behalf of the staff at Quickmail, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Your visit has no doubt left a strong impression with us all and left us thinking of ways to aim to reduce the incidence of serious injury at work, on the road and at play.

Some key statistics surrounding spinal cord injuries include the following:
- 3 spinal cord injuries per week in WA
- Approximately 141 spinal cord injuries per year in WA
- 46% of spinal cord injuries are motor vehicle related
- 34% of spinal cord injuries are from falls
- 11% of spinal cord injuries is an “other” category (i.e. violence, being hit by objects, jerked off a horse, etc.)
- 9% of spinal cord injuries are Aquatic related
- Average age of a spinal cord injury is 43 primarily due to slips, trips and falls but the common age bracket for young adults is 15-24 particularly in males.
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