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Does your business store or distribute products, marketing material or printed stock? Or do you have a back room full of boxes that you need stored out of the way? You may be storing more stock than you realise and could benefit from a simple storage solution. Our easy storage calculators below to get a better idea of how much stock you actually store. If you’re stock equals to more than a pallet, then it’s time to consider storing this stock offsite.



Standard box & pallet sizes

Most letterhead, brochures and flyers are stored in standard A4 paper boxes. These boxes can either be the standard size or slightly taller. A pallet can hold 64 tall boxes on average.



Need to store something a little odd? Use the calculator below to find the cubic volume of your items.

Volume Calculator

Length (cm) Height (cm) Width (cm)

Pallet storage calculator

Enter the amount of tall boxes you store to find out how many pallets you require.

Enter Amount of Tall Boxes

If your items equal to more than a pallet then it is time to outsource your storage and warehousing.


Storage and warehousing solutions

Quickmail can cater for all types of storage needs. Whether you store standard boxes or more oddly shaped items, we can tailor a solution that will suit you. Quickmail are warehousing and distribution experts and we work with small to medium business organise and successfully manage all their warehousing needs.


Packing and Distribution

Quickmail also offer a complete packing and distribution solution. As mailing is our core business we have extensive packing supplies and better postage rates than over the counter postal bags. Using our exclusive software Quickmail Online, we can receive electronic orders, pick and pack and then distribute products, marketing materials and information.


To find out more request a storage estimate and one of our friendly staff members will be in contact with you.


Download your Stock Management Guide to help you organise and store your own products and stock.


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Direct marketing works best when it’s made relevant for the recipient, with tailor-made content appealing directly to the consumer. New digital printing technology can make this
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Direct mail is the most likely form of communication to get a response from a customer, with the cost of every response
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Reports have demonstrated the enduring effectiveness of direct mail, with the Direct Mail Association stating 65% of consumers
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Adding direct mail to an integrated campaign can raise the campaign’s effectiveness by up to 62% (BrandScience), while bridging technologies such as QR codes and augmented reality make it simple for consumers to go from print to digital.

Source: VoPP
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