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Using Promo Post during an election is a cost effective way for candidates to send bulk volumes of addressed promotional mail within Australia.

Promo Post is a discounted delivery service for sending bulk volumes of addressed promotional mail within Australia. This service offers reduced prices based on customers presenting their mail barcoded and sorted which allows more efficient processing by Australia Post.


What qualifies for Promo Post?
Volume: Minimum of 4,000 barcoded articles per lodgement.
Articles must be promotional in nature: The main purpose of the mail piece needs to promote member, candidate, party or provide policy information intended to win flavour of constituents. The election campaign information can include how to vote information or polling locations, when it is incorporated within the letter or pre-populated with candidate selection.

Promo Post articles must be sorted and prepared in accordance with the PreSort Letters service guide.


Size categories
With Promo Post, you can send small articles up to 125g in weight and 5mm in thickness.


Pricing and payment
You can pay for Promo Post letters using your Australia Post business credit account, a postage meter, cash, debit card or a credit card.


Delivery Services
Regular: The usual delivery times for regular mail within Australia, in business days after day of posting are shown below.
Priority: The usual delivery times for priority mail within Australia, in business days after day of posting are shown below.


Apply to start using Promo Post – Regular & Priority
To use Promo Post, you need to have already applied to use the PreSort Letters service. The PreSort Letters Application Form is available at all post offices or online.


Access your articles
To qualify for Promo Post rates, your articles must be promotional in nature.


Prepare your mail
Quickmail can prepare your Promo Post articles. 


Lodge your mail
Complete the Promo Post lodgement document. 









Source: Australia Post

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