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Do you know the hashtag etiquette?

If you’re using social media to market yourself to your customer, you will know about hashtags. If you use a hashtag correctly, it increases your brand’s engagement- massively!


Here’s some little rules when it comes to using hashtags.


#Don’t #hashtag #every #single #word
If you do this to your social media posts, you’re more likely to push customers away than bring them in. It makes your media dialogue look forced and overmarketed. You don’t want to look unprofessional and like you’re trying too hard.


Don’t use #too #many hashtags in #your #post

Hashtags should not be listed one after another, nor exceed the paragraph length for the post. Aim for one or two hashtags per post in order to reach optimum engagement.



This infamous long hashtag is a big no. Annoying and almost impossible to read. If you want to put a sentence in a hashtag, either make it short or capitalise the first letter of each new word. You don’t want your customer giving up on your post because you made it too difficult to read.


Don’t use unrelated hashtags #fishing #pen #banana

Give your hashtags some thought before you publish your post. Hashtags are used to enhance your brand’s social strategy while giving them a way to interact with you. If you use unrelated hashtags you’re breaking the dialogue and diluting it with unnecessary information. You don’t want to break your brand’s message or have your customers confuse your post with another topic. Be thoughtful in the hashtags you use.


Don’t overuse the hashtag

If hashtags are overused they run the risk of being powerful. The key is less is more. If we pay attention to the graph at the top of the page, it shows that the overuse of hashtags leads to fewer interactions. Keep your posts short and sweet.


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