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Nespresso have received a lot of criticism because of their coffee pods. The issue in the past was that their aluminium-based pods weren’t recyclable.


To try and approach this issue, the pods had to be collected and delivered to the 18 Nespresso stores in Australia. Nespresso announced recently that users would now be able to mail pods back to the company – up to 130 at a time – in a special satchel launched as part of a new partnership with Australia Post.


“The last six years what we’ve done in Australia is to set up a reycling program,” Nespresso Australia and Oceania general manger Loïc Réthoré told Perth’s Radio 6PR.


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“The latest step in this is the collaboration with Australia Post that enables customers to send back their pods to us. They can fit 130 capsules in the envelope, which is perfectly sealed and recyclable.


“When they reach the plant the capsules are crushed, we separate aluminium from coffee, aluminium gets melted and re-injected in the production cycle of aluminium because aluminium is infinitely recycling. The coffee is actually transformed into compost that is used in farming industries.”


The satchels will cost $1.90 but Nespresso will cover the postage costs.

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